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Bicycle Parking

COVID-19 Information: The Chicago Parking office is currently closed. Some services are affected. Please see our COVID-19 Service Announcement for the most updated information.

The Chicago campus bike room offers secure parking for an annual fee of $25. The new bike room can accommodate 68 bikes and is located at Erie Ontario Parking Garage, located at 321 E. Erie. The bike room is locked and an authorized Wildcard is required to access it.

Parking Privileges

Northwestern University faculty, staff, students and medical residents are eligible to store a bike during the workday (5 a.m. to midnight) on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If capacity exists to allow the public to use the bike room, Northwestern University may use its sole discretion to allow the public to use the bike room.

How to Enroll

  1. Complete the Bicycle Parking Agreement (pdf).
  2. Bring the agreement to the Chicago Parking Services office.
  3. Northwestern will grant enrollment if eligible. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to students. Upon acceptance, the user will be given access to the bike room on their Wildcard.

Bike Owner Responsibilities

Although the bike room has a locked outside door accessible by Wildcard, the bike owner is responsible for keeping his/her bike locked when placed in the bike room. All bicycles and accessories placed in the bike room shall be placed there at the bike owner's own risk.

The user agrees to leave the room in the same condition as it was found. The bike room is not to be used for any other use outside of storing your own bike.

Shower Facilities

Shower Facilities are available free of charge at the Lake Shore Chicago Park District facility. Visitors must sign in at the front desk. This is available year round except during its six weeks of summer camp and when they are closed for holidays. 

Note: This does not give anyone permission to access other parts of the facility unless they are a member of Chicago Park District or have a Northwestern intramural card.