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Daily Validation

Daily discounted parking is available for faculty and staff. Effective January 2023 all faculty, staff, and students are required to enroll in the Debit Recharge program and will no longer be issued paper coupons.

Debit Recharge Program for Daily Discounted Parking

Validation rate: Up to 12 hours of parking for $11.00 if in salary tiers 1-4 and $14.00 for salary tiers 5-7. If parked for 12 hours or more the discounted rate becomes void and regular garage rates will apply.

Restrictions: All full-time faculty and staff members must enroll in this program to take advantage of the discounted parking program. The discount is honored at the Erie Ontario Garage and Huron Superior Garage. The discount does not guarantee a parking space.

The debit recharge program is an easier daily parking option for faculty and staff that do not have permit parking. The program allows you to store parking funds on your Wildcard and utilize it to receive and pay the discounted parking rate. You simply tap your Wildcard to enter and exit the garage; there is no need to obtain a daily coupon from the customer service office.

To enroll, email the Chicago Parking Office,, with your name, a photo of the front and back of your Wildcard, vehicle make, and a photo of your license plate and request to be set up for the debit recharge program. You may also visit the Erie Ontario Garage customer service office to be added to the program.

Once enrolled, review the section below, How to Use Debit Recharge Program, for information on how to park and add funds to your account.

Daily Discounted Parking Coupon for temporary, part-time, new, and Evanston-based employees

Validation rate: Up to 12 hours of parking for $11.00 if in salary tiers 1-4 and $14.00 for salary tiers 5-7. If parked for 12 hours or more, regular garage rates will apply.

Restrictions: The discount is honored at the Erie Ontario Garage. The discount does not guarantee a parking space.

How to obtain a discount:

  1. Park in the eligible garage and obtain a parking ticket at entry.
  2. Obtain a QR code coupon from the Chicago Parking Services office. You must present your Wildcard for proof of affiliation and status as faculty or staff.
  3. When ready to exit, go to a garage pay station and insert your parking ticket.
  4. Scan the QR ticket at the scanner below. The scanner will reduce the parking fee to the appropriate fee.
  5. Pay the fee with payment card or cash following machine instructions.
  6. Collect the paid parking ticket back from the machine after your transaction is complete.
  7. Insert the paid parking ticket at the exit gate as you leave the garage with your vehicle.

Debit Recharge Program for Evening & Weekend Parking for Kellogg, School of Professional Studies Students, and OLLI Students

Validation rate: SPS and OLLI students - $9.00; Kellogg students - $8.00

  • The discounted rate is available for parking on weekdays from 4:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. (the same night) or weekends from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. You must park and exit within the specified time to receive the discounted rate. If you enter before the rate takes effect, or exit after the specified end time on the date of entry you will be charged the full public rate for the entire time you are parked. Overnight parking is not allowed.
  • The discount is available at the Erie Ontario Garage and Huron Superior Garage.

How to use Debit Recharge Program

Once you are registered in the program parking is simple:

  • When entering the garage scan your Wildcard at the entrance gate reader. Do not pull a parking ticket as that will interfere when exiting.
  • Before exiting the garage load your account with funds to utilize for parking. You may add one day’s worth of funds, or any amount you’d like. Only add funds you know you will use as refunds for remaining balances cannot be issued. Account balance information is displayed when entering or exiting the garage; you may also visit a paystation to see your current balance.
    1. Tap your Wildcard at any paystation reader labeled "Permit Parkers".
    2. Account information and balance amount will be displayed. Option: press “Receipt” button on screen if a receipt is needed after transaction is complete. To add funds, press the “Recharge” icon on the screen.
    3. Recharge Amount screen will be displayed. Enter amount that will be added to the account using the onscreen number pad. Click “OK” after desired amount is entered. Note: default minimum amount that can be added is $1.00.
    4. Payment option screen will then be displayed indicating available payment options. Proceed with cash or card payment. After payment is complete a receipt will be printed (if selected), and the transaction is complete.
    5. View PDF instructions for visual if needed.
  • When exiting the garage simply scan your Wildcard again at the exit gate. As long as you have sufficient funds loaded, the system will deduct the discounted parking rate from your account.