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Common Violations

Some common violations that may result in a ticket,  Wildcard deactivation, or towing include:

  • Transferring a parking permit to another individual
  • Invalid parking permit on vehicle
  • Unauthorized or altered parking permit
  • Incorrect permit for parking lot
  • Parking permit not properly displayed
  • Parking permit not facing aisle
  • Parking over yellow line
  • Parking in reserved or handicapped space
  • Parking or obstructing traffic lanes, fire lanes, service area, posted area, or other restricted areas

Tickets and Payment

The Northwestern University Police Department enforces parking regulations and issues parking tickets. The Parking Office records the violations and tracks payment. The vehicle title and registration holder is responsible for all violations.

To Make a Payment:
Mail a check or pay fees in person at the Chicago Parking Office, 710 North Lake Shore Drive, Abbott Hall, Room 100.

To ensure proper crediting, please bring or include the original parking ticket with payment.

If payment is not received, the individual's Wildcard is subject to deactivation and their vehicle may be towed. Wildcard reactivation will not occur until payment is received. University Police and Parking Services reserve the right to deny or revoke parking privileges. If a vehicle is towed, the owner of the vehicle is responsible for towing and storage fees.

Appealing a Ticket

Those issued a ticket have the right to appeal the ticket within ten days of issuance. Appeals are not granted for a lack of knowledge of the regulations, forgetfulness, failure to follow posted signs, inability to find legal marked parking spaces, and parking in reserved or handicapped designated parking spaces without the proper permit, or because you or others have parked in a similar fashion previously.

  1. Complete the online Parking Assessment Appeal Form within ten days. In-person and late appeals are not considered.
  2. The Chicago Parking Manager will review both the reason for the ticket being issued and the appeal information. Tickets may be voided for the following reasons:
    1. Ticket was issued incorrectly or by error: Vehicle was parked in accordance with University parking regulations and the ticket should not have been issued.
    2. Regulation did not apply: Vehicle was exempt from established parking regulations.
    3. The signage or regulation was unclear: The signage or rule as it pertains to the violation was unclear and therefore the ticket was not appropriate.
  3. After review, the Chicago Parking Manager will respond in writing regarding the decision of the appeal.