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Faculty & Staff

Permit rates

Daily permits cost $9.00 for faculty and staff. Daily permits are non-refundable.

Monthly and quarterly permits are also available for faculty and staff.

Payment for daily, monthly, and quarterly permits is accepted via cash, check, or credit card (Visa/MasterCard/American Express). These permits are not eligible for payroll deduction.

Annual Permits (rates effective October 1, 2022)
Annual permits start October 1 and expire September 30 of the following year.

As the community returns to regular campus activities, the University has approved a plan to restore the normal full-time parking rate over two years. The plan to normalize parking rates began in fall 2021 and is fully implemented in fall 2022.

  • Faculty & staff full time: $600.00 annual rate
    The rate decreases by $50.00 each month after October. Paid via pre-tax payroll deduction.
  • Faculty & staff part-time: $384.00
    The rate decreases by $32.00 each month after October. Part-time employees (as determined by Human Resources) are eligible for this rate. Paid via pre-tax payroll deduction.

Faculty and staff can purchase annual permits through the  Evanston Parking Office.

Contact the Evanston Parking Office for reserved parking and restricted access garage parking rates.


All current Evanston campus faculty and staff who live outside of the walking zone are eligible for annual Evanston campus parking permits. Faculty and staff with non-appealable, unpaid assessments are not eligible.

Chicago campus faculty and staff may purchase an Evanston campus permit with a letter of authorization from their department verifying official extended business on the Evanston campus.

Faculty and staff retirees are eligible to purchase an Evanston campus permit at the current part-time rate.

Emeritus faculty are eligible for a no-charge permit. Please see information on how to obtain an Emeriti permit below.

Permit types 

  • Faculty/Staff (F)
    Available to all eligible faculty/staff members.
  • Faculty/Staff carpool and multi-car (FP)
    Available to all eligible faculty/staff members in a carpool or for those with two cars. Only two vehicles may be registered with a FP permit, and only one may park on campus at a time. The carpool hang tag must be displayed in the vehicle that is parking on campus.
  • Facilities Management (FM)
    Available to all eligible Facilities Management trades staff (includes FM carpool).
  • Ryan Field (D)
    Available to all eligible faculty/staff members for reduced rate parking at Ryan Field. A free shuttle is provided. See Ryan Field Permits for more information.
  • Motorcycle/Scooter/Moped (M)
    Available to all eligible faculty and staff with a registered motorcycle, scooter or moped on the Evanston campus. Required for all licensable motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. There is no charge for a motorcycle/scooter/moped permit for individuals who have purchased an annual main campus parking permit. The vehicle and the motorcycle/scooter/moped may not be parked on campus simultaneously.


Annual faculty and staff parking permits, not including Ryan Field permits, are paid via payroll deduction. Daily, monthly, quarterly, and Ryan Field permits may be paid via cash, check, or credit card (Visa/MasterCard/American Express) and are not eligible for payroll deduction.

How to obtain a permit 

Faculty and staff may renew or sign up for parking at the Evanston Parking Office.

New regular staff employees on the Evanston campus can send an email to to request a temporary parking permit for their first week of employment.

Parking Services reserves the right to request additional documentation to verify address, affiliation, and vehicle registration. All information is subject to verification. Parking Services has the authority to deny or revoke parking privileges.