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Faculty & Staff Permits

Please Note: Parking on the Chicago campus is at capacity and most lots are now operating on a waitlist procedure. Please contact the Chicago Parking Services Office for additional details.

Permit Privileges: Unlimited parking access to the assigned garage. Vehicle storage for more than 24 hours is not permitted. Only one vehicle per parking permit. Annual permits are valid October 1 to September 30 the following year. This permit is valid in all Faculty/Staff lots on the Evanston campus. It is the only permit that is valid on both campuses. Chicago campus part-time permits are not valid on the Evanston campus. No Evanston campus permit is valid on the Chicago campus.

2023-24 Annual Parking Permit Fees

Faculty and staff annual permit parking fees for Chicago are tiered based on salary.

Payroll deductions for parking are made pre-tax. The fair market value for Chicago parking exceeds the $300 allowable as pre-tax qualified parking per month. Any excess amounts will be reflected as additional earned income on your paychecks. If you have questions about what this means for your tax situation, we encourage you to consult your personal tax advisor.

Faculty and staff can renew annual permits through the online portalDepartmental approval will be verified confirming that all eligibility criteria is met. The Parking Office will assign garage access based on current availability.

Salary Range Abbott Lot / Erie Ontario / 275 East Chestnut / 441 East Ontario Annual Rate 
$30,000 or less $864.00 annually
$30,001 - $46,000 $1,020.00 annually
$46,001 - $90,000 $1,260.00 annually
$90,001 - $125,000 $1,824.00 annually
$125,001 - $150,000 $2,760.00 annually
$150,001 - $200,000 $3,228.00 annually
$200,001 and above $3,672.00 annually
Huron Lot $4,020.00 annually

All rates include all parking taxes.

Abbott Lot: 710 N Lake Shore Drive
Erie Ontario - Parking C (West) & Parking D (East): 321 E Erie
Huron Superior - Parking A: 222 E Huron
441 East Ontario: 441 E Ontario
275 East Chestnut: 275 E Chestnut

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