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Use of Parking Garages

There are two access controlled parking garages located on the Evanston campus. The North Garage is located at 2311 North Campus Drive and the South Garage, connected to the Segal Visitors Center, is located at 1841 Sheridan Road. Both garages are accessible to Northwestern students, faculty, staff, and visitors to campus. The list below attempts to explain commonly raised questions regarding the parking garages. If you need additional information please do not hesitate to contact Parking Services by phone, 847-491-3319, or email,

Is there a fee to park in the parking garages?

Current annual and academic year Northwestern University parking permit holders may park in the garage as part of the privileges associated with their permit. The valid Northwestern University Wildcard belonging to the permit holder is used to activate the gate arms at both the entrance and exit of the garage.

Visitors and all other individuals who do not possess a current Northwestern University parking permit are assessed an $9.00 daily fee when parking in the garage. A ticket is issued to parkers at the entrance to the garage. Payment can be made either at the kiosks located on the ground level of the garage or at the exit lane. A paid ticket is required to exit.

Persons intentionally circumventing the gate arms to avoid payment or for any other reason are subject to a citation. Any Wildcard or parking access card used to allow a person other than the registered cardholder to enter or exit a parking garage is subject to a citation to both the cardholder and the person using the card.

I will be visiting the Admissions Office. Do I have to pay to park?

Visitors to the Office of Admissions may park in the Segal Visitor’s Center garage, also known as the South Garage. Please take a ticket upon entry and provide it to the Admissions counselor you meet with. The Admissions Office may provide you with a validation ticket for reduced rate parking.

I utilize the Henry Crown Sports Pavilion but do not have a Northwestern University Wildcard. Do I have to pay the parking fee each time I visit and park in the garage?

No. Please contact the staff at the front desk of Henry Crown Sports Pavilion to determine whether a parking access card valid for two hours of parking may be issued to you for entry into and exit from the garage.

I am a contractor at Northwestern University. May I park in the garage?

Construction contractors are prohibited from parking in either the North or South parking garages.

What methods of payment are accepted at the pay stations?

Currently cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover cards as well as bank issued debit cards are accepted forms of payment.

I am visiting for the day. How do I park in the garage?

Pull a ticket upon entry. Take the ticket with you, and pay at one of the lobby pay stations before leaving. Insert the paid, validated ticket into the box located in the exit lane and the gate arm will raise to allow the vehicle to exit.

I forgot to stop at a pay station. Can I pay at the exit gate?

The garage exit lane accepts credit card payments. Insert your parking ticket and follow the prompts on the box to pay and exit.

I have a current Northwestern University annual or academic year parking permit, but I forgot my Wildcard. May I park in the garage without paying the daily fee?

Yes. Parkers may enter the garage by taking a ticket at the entrance. In order to avoid paying the daily parking fee bring the parking ticket and your valid Wildcard to the Parking Office located at 1841 Sheridan Road before 4:00 p.m. to obtain a validation ticket for exiting the garage.

Can Northwestern University departments pay for a guests parking?

Yes. Northwestern University departments can purchase validation tickets. Please contact Parking Services to purchase validations. The guest will pull a ticket upon entry, and the department will provide the guest with a validation ticket. When leaving, the guest can insert the ticket in the terminal, followed by the validation ticket and the gate will raise, allowing the vehicle to exit.

Is parking in the garage free after 4 p.m. and on weekends?

Yes. Parking is free in the garage weekdays after 4:00 p.m. and all day on Saturday and Sunday. Pull a ticket at the entrance of the garage and insert the same ticket at the exit. The gate arms will raise and there is no fee assessed. Please note that both the entry and exit of the garage must be either after 4 p.m. on a weekday or on Saturday and Sunday in order for the parking to be free.

I lost my parking ticket. What do I do?

There is a $50 fee for a lost ticket. You may pay the fee at the lobby pay station.

How do I replace my Wildcard?

Contact the Wildcard Office by visiting them at Norris Student Center or via telephone at 847-467-2609.

Can I park a motorcycle in the garage?

Unfortunately the access control equipment does not recognize motorcycles. Only vehicles with at least four wheels can be detected and will trigger the gate arms to raise. Motorcycles displaying valid parking permits can park in any surface lot.