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Green Cup is a wrap

December 18, 2013
At the eight diverse and educational Green Cup events, there were over 446 attendees and more than 350 students took the Green Pledge.

NU gets gold

December 12, 2013
Northwestern University was recognized as a gold Campus Sustainability Compact award winner, due to its established and comprehensive sustainability program that enhances NU’s campuses and surrounding communities.


Athletics jumps on the recycling bandwagon

November 19, 2013
At the NU vs. Minnesota football game on October 19, Northwestern participated in the EPA Game Day Challenge to increase Wildcat fan recycling and decrease the game's carbon footprint.

Get to know your Eco-Rep

November 14, 2013
There are over 70 Eco-Reps to represent on-campus, Greek, and off-campus life this year.

Doing good by being green at Sheil

November 7, 2013
The Sheil Catholic Center Green Team was formed three years ago following a voluntary audit from Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW).


Show your support for Wildcat recycling!

October 15, 2013
Since 2010, NU has competed in the EPA Game Day Challenge, a national competition among colleges and universities to promote waste reduction at football games.

Reduce waste when you hydrate

October 8, 2013
Residential Services, Facilities Management, and Norris University Center have been busy installing water-refilling stations to make it easy to fill up reusable water bottles.

Got a flat? No problem!

October 7, 2013
If you need to pump up your bike tires, adjust your seat height, brake cables, or deraillers, change out a tire, put on a basket, or grease the chain, you can now do it yourself for free at bike repair stations.


MIMO has found its place at NU

August 8, 2013
Move in Move Out (MIMO) is a nonprofit, Kellogg student-run initiative, which picked up unwanted, usable items from NU students last spring and is now ready to resell them back to students.


Feinberg gets a green checkup

July 29, 2013
The Feinberg School of Medicine, in partnership with NU’s Facilities Management and NORESCO, an energy services company, are working to minimize the medical school’s carbon footprint and operating costs.

Saving energy, one light at a time

July 18, 2013
Engineers for a Sustainable World’s (ESW) Clean Energy Project works to reduce NU’s energy consumption through renewable energy and energy reduction initiatives.

From the classroom to national business competitions

July 11, 2013
Northwestern University’s SiNode Systems is an early stage company that has developed commercially advanced lithium-ion battery anodes that significantly increase energy capacity and charging speed.


Keeping it clean and green

June 21, 2013
As of Fall 2012, Northwestern, in partnership with ARAMARK, adopted “green cleaning” practices.


Got supplies? Need supplies?

May 29, 2013
The Surplus Property Exchange, is an opportunity for Northwestern departments to buy, sell, or give away supplies, furniture, and other items they no longer need.

Reflecting on a successful Earth Week

May 24, 2013
Taking a proactive approach, the Office of Sustainability established an “Earth Week Committee” comprised of student organizations and departments interested in contributing to Earth Week.

Get out and garden

May 22, 2013
Spring is finally here, be sure to take advantage of Wild Roots and Plant it Purple Workdays!

ESW looks to the wind

May 13, 2013
Northwestern University’s Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW), the student group which already made a big impact on campus.


Think before you print

April 12, 2013
For the fourth year, the Library Environmental Committee encourages the NU community to "Think Before You Print" during the month of April for the annual library-wide PaperLESS Month initiative.

Northwestern and the Big 10 power green!

April 5, 2013
Northwestern University, along with University of Wisconsin, the University of Iowa, and The Ohio State University contributed to making the Big 10 this year’s champion in the College and University Green Power Challenge.

Celebrate Earth Week

April 3, 2013
Join us for Earth Week 2013 to learn about environmental challenges and opportunities at NU and throughout the world.


Sodexo launches 2012 sustainability report

March 27, 2013
In 2012, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index honored Sodexo as a global sustainability leader in the food services industry for the eighth consecutive year.

Dance Marathon goes green

March 21, 2013
Over the past forty years, NU’s Dance Marathon has established itself as one of the nation’s premier University fundraising events.

NU recycles to win!

March 13, 2013
Schools across the country and Canada compete against each other, tracking recycling and waste generation weekly.

Turn it off and celebrate Earth Hour March 23

March 1, 2013
Northwestern University is continuing its participation in Earth Hour, a global initiative to raise awareness about climate change and to demonstrate that in working together, we can make a difference.


Green Cup in full swing

February 7, 2013
The annual Green Cup competition is heating up, and students across campus are making efforts to turn off and engage in sustainable living.


Pura Playa takes aim at plastic

January 28, 2013
Pura Playa is exploring solutions for plastic reduction across the three stages of the plastic life cycle: production,consumption, and disposal.

SWAG – collaborating on sustainability

January 11, 2013
The sustainNU Working Action Group (SWAG) began in 2007 after the former Vice President of Student Affairs was approached by several students interested in making NU more sustainable.

The countdown to Green Cup

January 8, 2013
Every February, students living on campus participate in Green Cup, an annual competition aimed at reducing electricity and water usage in residence halls & Greek houses.