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Certify Your Space

Northwestern students, faculty, and staff members can create more sustainable work and study environments on campus by participating in the Green Office Program. In addition, sustainNU is in the process of developing a Green Labs Program that will address sustainability and energy efficiency in lab spaces. 

Green Office Certification

leafThe Green Office Program engages faculty and staff in the process of adopting environmental best practices in the workplace. The program offers guidance on conserving energy and water, reducing waste, and increasing environmental awareness on campus. The process empowers all of our staff and faculty to become green leaders and its success is based on broad engagement and collective impact. To get started, contact sustainNU at

Green Home Certification

Get Green Home Certified! This activity provides Northwestern students, staff, and faculty with meaningful steps and ideas to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle at home. Through completing the certification checklist, you will be able to reduce the environmental impact of your home and your contributions to climate change. This activity will launch during Global Climate Change Week! 

Green Lab Certification

sustainNU is in the process of developing a Green Labs Program, and is looking for input from lab users on campus. Researchers, lab managers, faculty members, students, and others interested in making lab practices more sustainable are invited to get involved in developing this program. To learn more, contact sustainNU at