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ASG’s Sustainability Committee gearing up for next year

ASGAssociated Student Government’s Sustainability Committee has now been in operation for a year, and what a year it’s been! The Committee has accomplished a great deal for sustainability at Northwestern, and stands to achieve much more next year.

If you lived on campus this past year, you may have seen a variety of “Did you know?” flyers with cool sustainability facts posted in your residential hall or dining hall. If you lived off-campus, you may have received free CFL light bulbs and an awesome low-flow showerhead to pimp out your apartment. Both initiatives were the work of ASG Sustainability. Another accomplishment was the establishment of a green events consulting service, which was responsible for making the Deering Days Welcome BBQ waste-free. To cap everything off, ASG Sustainability supported the creation of the Northwestern Sustainability Fund of $50,000 to allocate to sustainability projects over the coming year. 

Looking ahead, there is little doubt that the ASG Sustainability Committee will become bigger and better. In addition to a number of projects ready to be implemented in the fall, they plan to pursue sustainability within the Northwestern community on four levels, through NU’s student body, student groups, University administrators, and the Evanston community. 

Through the committee’s partnership with Eco-Reps, they will help the student body lead sustainable lifestyles both on and off-campus. ASG’s Sustainability Committee will offer green events consulting to NU student groups to reduce their environmental impact. The Committee also plans to work with university administrators to encourage increased institutional investment in regional renewable energy projects. Lastly, they will collaborate with the Evanston community to make sustainability a citywide issue.

In short, ASG Sustainability will continue to connect purple to green. ASG’s Sustainability Committee is ready for round two.