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Got a flat? No problem!

Bike FlatIf you need to pump up your bike tires, adjust your seat height, brake cables, or deraillers, change out a tire, put on a basket, or grease the chain, you can now do it yourself for free at the bike repair stations in front of Foster-Walker residence hall and Norris. The repair stations not only have seven handy tools, but also act as a stand to make repairs easier. If you don’t know how to make these adjustments yourself, the bike repair stations offer a QR code to scan with your smart phone, which will take you to; providing instructional tips and videos. Residential Services and Facilities Management are looking into installing more stations on campus, including near Allison, Elder, 1835 Hinman, Sargent, and Jones residence hall.

Also located in front of Foster-Walker are two reused light poles, reclaimed benches made from locally-sourced urban parkway trees, 60 new bike racks, and a green space for community outdoor events. These initiatives are great examples of NU working to make your campus more accommodating and green.