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Reduce waste when you hydrate

Reduce WasteResidential Services, Facilities Management, and Norris University Center have been busy installing water-refilling stations to make it easy to fill up reusable water bottles. Norris now has six stations, thanks to the leadership of Pura Playa and Associated Student Government (ASG). Facilities Management and Residential Services have installed over 30 water-refilling stations throughout the residence halls, colleges, and dining halls. And for the second year in a row, every incoming student received a reusable water bottle, compliments of the Northwestern Alumni Association. These efforts are being made to discourage use of single use plastic water bottles and make it convenient to fill up reusable bottles. Don’t have a reusable water bottle? Attend a Green Cup event this fall and snag a sustainNU bottle.

To reduce waste and further increase awareness of refill options, the Evanston Mobile Water Station was utilized during outdoor Wildcat Welcome events. If you are interested in renting the water station for an event, please contact Jim Nelson.