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Northwestern University

Bike to Work Challenge

The Bike to Work Challenge is an annual biking celebration organized by the Active Transportation Alliance. The event encourages new and experienced riders to get out and bike while creating friendly workplace competition among Chicagoland companies and organizations. 

Northwestern won the 2019 Bike to Work Challenge in the category of Education for 5000+ employees! Check back in the spring for information regarding the 2020 competition.

Help Northwestern compete with other Chicago-area educational institutions for the title of Bike to Work Challenge winner!  To participate, sign up as a part of the Northwestern University team on the event website.  If this is your first time participating, please be sure to check the "first-timer" box in the sign up! If you aren’t able to bike all the way to campus, you can still participate by biking part of the way. For example, biking to or from the train or bus also counts as a ride. 

When biking, be sure to follow the rules of the road and observe bike safety practices. Always use lights at night, wear a properly fitting helmet, and make sure your bike is in good working order. The Active Transportation Alliance offers a variety of educational resources for safer, more comfortable biking.

During the challenge, biking events will take place on campus in in Evanston and Chicago. Stop by the events listed below learn about biking, enjoy some refreshments, and connect with other bike commuters. For updates on the challenge and related events, connect with sustainNU on Facebook or Twitter, join the Northwestern Bike Commuters listserv, or the Bike Northwestern Facebook group

Questions? Email Bike to Work Challenge team leader, Elizabeth Adamczyk.


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