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Resources for Biking

The following resources can help you get rolling on a bike.

Get maps of Evanston and Chicago bike routes

Find bikes and biking gear

Safety first

Safety should always be a priority for cyclists. Be sure to follow the rules of the road and observe bike safety practices. Always use lights at night, wear a properly fitting helmet, and make sure your bike is in good working order with the ABC Quick Check. The League of American Bicyclists offers a variety of educational resources for safer, more comfortable biking. The Bike Safety Quiz, provided by Ride Illinois - a statewide non-profit organization - is a convenient, interactive way for bicyclists and motorists to learn more about safely sharing our roads. In case of a bike crash, the Active Transportation Alliance hosts a 24-hour Crash Assistance Helpline and website.

Protect your investment

 Northwestern community members can get a free helmet and bike light by registering your bike with Northwestern Parking & Transportation. The Parking & Transportation office also sells Kryptonite locks at-cost. The Chicago campus has secure bike parking and Evanston's campus offers a bike rack map.

Fix your bike

The Evanston campus has several bike repair stations where you can pump up your tires, adjust your seat height, brake cables, or derailleurs, change out a tire, put on a basket, or grease the chain. Contact sustainNU at if a bike repair station needs maintenance.

Join Divvy

Those who want access to a bike without owning a bike can benefit from a membership in Divvy bike sharing. Thanks to a partnership between the University, the City of Evanston and others, 100 Divvy bikes and 10 bike share stations were installed around Evanston in late June, 2016. Three of the 10 stations are on or adjacent to campus. Divvy bikes are already available in Chicago, and several stations are located near Northwestern’s Chicago campus.

The bike sharing service allows residents, students, and visitors take short trips across Divvy’s network of more than 580 Chicagoland stations. Membership includes unlimited 30-minute trips, making it easy to get to a class quickly, run errands, travel to and from public transit stops, or simply enjoy a ride.

Through the Wildcard Advantage program, students, faculty, and staff can receive an annual Divvy membership for only $75 instead of the normal $99 annual fee. Visit the WildCARD Advantage program website for details on this discount. The Divvy for Everyone (D4E) program offers a further discounted rate for individuals with financial need.

In addition to annual membership, Divvy offers options that are perfect for visitors or those who want to try out the service. These options include a $15 per day Explorer Pass and $3 single rides. Visit the Divvy website to learn more. 

Shower and change

Shower facilities are available on Chicago campus at the Lake Shore Chicago Park District facility. To access shower facilities on the Evanston campus, you will need to register with Paul Merkey, Transportation Services Manager.

Join the club

Get involved in cycling events and connect with other bikers through these local groups.

Learn more

The Active Transportation Alliance offers more information about cycling in the Chicago region and hosts events such as the Bike to Work Challenge and Bike the Drive.