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Residential Services continues to make on-campus living sustainable

Drinking Fountains“Whenever something breaks, is being renovated, or is inefficient, we work to ensure it is upgraded and its replacement reduces energy, water, and waste whenever possible,” Residential Services Director of Facilities and Construction, Steve Matz explained. Residential Services has installed more than 23 water filling stations and will continue to install stations when existing water fountains break. Lighting upgrades and occupancy sensors are being placed in hallways, bathrooms, lounges, pantries, and laundry rooms. And low-flow faucets, toilets, and showers are installed during building renovations. 

As mentioned in last month's newsletter, Residential Services participates in a green cleaning program, meaning the products NU uses to clean reduce waste and Greenhouse Gas emissions and improve air and groundwater quality. Mattresses, carpet, and room air conditioners are recycled. They have also created “waste rooms” in the residential halls and colleges to ensure recycling and waste bins are in the same location, making it simple to recycle. Lastly, as of September 2012, Residential Services has made it easier, faster, and paperless to fill out a maintenance request via a web-based software system called School Dude.