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Brady Scholars senior project comes to “fruition”

FruitOn April 28, the Brady Program Senior Project will be planting 70 plum and pear trees to create a "food forest," in Eggleston Park in Evanston. The projects’ goal is to tackle economic marginalization in West Evanston community by creating a robust and vibrant local produce market run by at risk youth. The Brady Scholars will be using land, water, and mulch donated by the city of Evanston, the trees will be harvested by Edible Evanston and New Leaf Urban Gardens, which employs at risk youth from West Evanston, and the fruit will be sold to the NU community. This is a multi-community and multi-year project. To assist with this project, you can purchase a $35 fruit tree to honor or memorialize a loved one.

The Brady Scholars are also working on the creation of a hoop house on NU’s campus, which will allow local organizations and student groups to work together to grow lettuce, tomatoes, and herbs during the cold season to sell to the dining halls, fraternities, and sororities.