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Environmental student organizations gear up for fall

CampusAssociated Student Government Sustainability Committee (ASG SusCom)

Goal for the year: ASG SusCom will pursue more projects in partnership with other ASG committees and student groups, to make SusCom's operations more visible and impactful for the greater Northwestern community.

Fall happenings:
CFLs and Showerheads: This October, the committee is disseminating free CFL bulbs and low-flow showerheads to off-campus students. Along with providing these efficiency upgrades, the project intends to generate awareness for green living at NU.

Plastic Bag Recycling: Beginning in October, SusCom is partnering with Eco-Reps to recycle plastic bags in residential halls. The bags will be collected at Norris University Center, and will be brought to Evanston's Whole Foods branch for recycling. The initiative will also serve as a basis by which to measure future efforts in reducing plastic bag consumption on campus.

Environmental Literacy Assessment: SusCom is developing a comprehensive survey to gauge the level of environmental literacy among the student body. The aim of the project is to distribute the survey at regular time intervals to measure the progress of students' knowledge in sustainability issues. Expect to see the survey implemented in November.


Goal for the year: Eco-Reps will work to increase awareness of the Greek, off-campus, and on-campus Eco-Reps program and serve as one of the many voices and resources regarding sustainability at NU.

Fall happenings:
Sustainability at NU scavenger hunt: On Saturday, November 9, from noon – 1:30 pm, Eco-Reps is hosting a scavenger hunt to highlight several sustainability initiatives on-campus.

Off-campus Green Living Fair: Thursday, November 14 from 6:00 pm -8:00 pm, Eco-Reps is hosting a fair for students that live off-campus to hear from experts on how to conserve energy, save water, eat locally, reduce waste, travel sustainably, and purchase consciously.

Green Cup Munchies/Firesides in the halls/colleges: During Green Cup, Eco-Reps is putting on munchies/firesides to discuss how to save energy and reduce water usage on-campus.

Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW)

Goal for the year: ESW will work to promote sustainability locally and internationally through action-based projects and educational events.

Fall happenings:
ESW Quarterly Kickoff: At the beginning of each quarter, ESW is showcasing ongoing projects and encouraging discussion among students, ESW project members, and the executive board to engage new members and build awareness of ESW’s efforts.

Tour of The Plant: Mid-fall quarter, ESW is touring the repurposed meatpacking facility which is now being converted to a closed-loop vertical farm and food business operation.

Beach Clean-Up: ESW’s Adopt-a-Beach Team is helping clean up North Beach; this activity is open to everyone and takes place throughout the year.

Northwestern Energy Technology Group (NETG)

Goal for the year: NETG will provide educational and collaborative opportunities and promotes awareness of energy issues through facilitating talks and panel discussions, traveling to energy technology facilities, hosting social events, and collaborating with other energy-related organizations.

Fall happenings:
NETG Kickoff event: Wednesday, October 9, at 12:00 pm, NETG is hosting a brief information session about activities for the rest of the year. Free food will be provided.

Movie Night: In late October, NETG is showing “Energy at the Movies” at the graduate school commons. Free pizza will be provided.

Keynote Lecture: NETG is hosting Professor Seth Snyder for a lecture on the topic of the future of energy technology this fall.

Northwestern University Science Policy and Action Network (NUSPAN)

Goal for the year: NUSPAN will shed light on the “what” and “how” of science policy.  Scientists, undergraduates, graduates, and professionals will discover the impact they can have on a local and national scale, and learn how to build the skills to be effective advocates for energy and environmental policies.

Fall happenings:
New NUSPAN Website: The NUSPAN website is increasing the visibility of policy decisions and advocacy on campus and in Chicago.

Support for Energy Policy Event: This November/December, NUSPAN is organizing a discussion on the role of scientists and public opinion in the creation of energy policies.

Science Policy Socials: NUSPAN is hosting casual socials throughout the fall quarter in collaboration with other energy and environmental organizations to engage in friendly discussion about current events.

Students for Ecological and Environmental Development (SEED)

Goal for the year: SEED will continue to promote environmental advocacy, education, and engagement through focused, five-week themes highlighting core energy and sustainability issues.

Fall happenings:
Weekly meetings: Every Tuesday at 7:00 pm in Norris, SEED is hosting meetings to discuss and interact with environmental issues from an individual to a global perspective.

Green Cup: SEED's annual residence hall/college and Greek house competition to minimize energy and water use and increase participation in environmental events is from from October 21 through November 17.

Fall speaker: Tuesday, October 22 at 8:00 pm in Cahn Auditorium, SEED's annual Fall Speaker is taking the stage to share his or her thoughts on environmental action. Past speakers include Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Van Jones, Jeff Corwin, and Erin Brockovich. This year’s speaker to be announced soon.