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Release From Contract

  1. A student who demonstrates a need acceptable to Residential Services to be released from any portion of the Residential Services Contract Terms and Conditions (commonly known as the housing contract) must apply for such release in writing. Students eligible to cancel their housing contract (rising third- and fourth-year students) can request to do so via this online form. Graduate students and post-docs can request to do so via this online form. Submitting a cancellation request is not an automatic release from your contract, nor does it guarantee a release. Each request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Releases to take effect at the end of the fall or winter quarters must be filed two weeks before the last day of classes for that quarter.
  2. A student withdrawing from the University, who has filed an application for release from the housing contract, will be released from the contract at the end of the last quarter in which the student was enrolled for any portion of the quarter.
  3. A student may be released from the housing contract during a quarter for the following reasons
    1. academic dismissal
    2. disciplinary exclusion from the University
    3. marriage (a copy of the marriage certificate must be filed)
    4. induction into military service
    5.  graduation
    6. health, upon written recommendation of the University Health Service.
  4. Students who participate in University-sponsored programs (such as internships and Study Abroad) or who request a leave of absence, will be required to fulfill the two-year residency requirement upon their return to campus.
  5. Unless formally released from the housing contract, a student who moves from a University campus residence into off-campus housing, or into a fraternity or sorority house, will be held to full contracted room charges, as long as they are enrolled as a student. To be released from the meal plan portion of the housing contract, a student moving into a fraternity or sorority must demonstrate in writing that they have contracted with the fraternity or sorority for a meal contract of equivalent value.
  6. A student who is released from the room portion of the housing contract is automatically released from the meal plan and social dues portions of that contract.