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International Travel Registry

Travel Registry Video

Watch this 3 minute video tutorial designed to guide graduate and professional student users through the mandatory process of disclosing university-sponsored international travel.

Registration Basics

Graduate students, undergraduates not affiliated with the Global Learning Office and faculty and staff trip leaders are required to register their university-affiliated international travel with Northwestern.  The travel registry provides travelers with important health and safety resources prior to departure, and allows Northwestern to communicate with travelers while abroad. 

Students unsure about whether or not their travel requires registration can check the definition of university-sponsored travel for undergraduates and graduate students

Before You Register

To complete the travel registry process in one step, students should have the following information available:
  1. a screenshot of the photo page of their passport;
  2. a credit card (to purchase GeoBlue health insurance / generally for independent travel)
  3. firm travel dates

Registration must be complete at least two weeks prior to departure. Departments or units may set earlier deadlines. For students who require proof of registry to obtain funding or reimbursement, follow instructions in the system on "how to generate a travel registry receipt."

If you are traveling independently or with less than three other students, click the purple box and log into the travel registry using your Northwestern SSO.

Group Travel

Students traveling as part of a group led by a faculty or staff trip leader or by a student leader (i.e. Registered Student Organization travel) will receive an email notification from the travel registry system when it is time to register. Use the link provided in the email notification to complete your registration.  Trip leaders or trip organizers should review the Staff / Faculty checklist several weeks prior to departure. 


By completing a travel registration, students gain access to AlertTraveler (AT), a subscription service that provides country / city intelligence and safety and security alerts using the trip dates and destinations in the travel registry. For more information, go to Security Information Services.

For questions or assistance with the Travel Registry, review the Travel Registry FAQs or contact the Office of Global Safety and Security.