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Security Information Resources

In addition to speaking with staff in the Office of Global Safety and Security (OGSS), Northwestern University offers to options to review travel safety and security information as well as receive informational alerts produced by third parties.

The U.S. Department of State (U.S. DOS)

The U.S. DOS’s Travelers website provides a variety of travel safety resources, including country-specific Travel Advisories.

Travelers can also signup for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). STEP is a free service provided by the U.S. DOS to those who are traveling to, or living in, a foreign country. All Northwestern travelers should enroll in STEP (some students are required as a condition of their program or experience).

  • Follow directions on the STEP website to “create an account” and then “add a trip” to your profile. This is a two-step process. Enrolling in STEP allows the United States government to act quickly in concert with other governments if you go missing or are a victim of a serious crime.
  • By providing your email address, you will also be added to a consular listserv to receive local security updates related to road closures, transportation strikes, civil unrest, and more.

Drum Cussac

Northwestern has contracted with Drum Cussac, a security information and assistance firm located in the United Kingdom. In addition to providing Northwestern with Political / Environment / Natural Disaster Evacuation (PEND) coverage, community members can also access country-and city-specific travel safety and security information. For example, travelers can review colored-coded daily Travel Alerts in the following categories: medical (outbreaks of infectious disease); security (incidents of crime or terrorism); environment (various natural disasters); and political violence. For complex security environments, the Analysis section offers in-depth evaluations of critical incidents or on-going circumstances. Also, under the Travel Advice section or by clicking on the map, travelers can review color-coded country profiles and city briefings in these subjects of risk: overall, security, environmental, infrastructure, medical and political, which are also numerically rated from low to extreme.

The URL for self-registration is You must use your Northwestern email domain to set-up an account.  Review detailed registration instructions, if needed.   Email if there are any difficulties with setting up an account.

After initial registration, enter the Drum Cussac website at

After communicating with OGSS staff, Northwestern travelers who wish to have an additional perspective on a travel health or security issue can also email or speak with a Drum Cussac analyst. The Drum Cussac team is particularly helpful for any last-minute concerns or issues that arise after hours or over the weekend, as their call center is open 24/7 and can be reached at  011-44-143-280-0660. Emails should be sent to The traveler should mention their affiliation with Northwestern and provide as much detail as possible about planned travel.

*Note that while the security information portal uses the name "Drum Cussac," Drum is now part of Crisis24.