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Supporting Your Student

Supporting Your Student

The following are a list of strategies that have been compiled to assist families members in supporting their students in their decision to join and remain committed to fraternities and sororities:


Students need support throughout the process of recruitment/intake, member education, their time at NU, and their commitment to their organization for a lifetime.


Take time to go through our website to learn as much as you can about the Northwestern Greek community. Every organization has their own local and national web site as well for more in-depth information.


Sororities and fraternities are different on every campus! Let your student choose the chapter that they feel the most comfortable joining.


Talk to your student about how they plan to balance their fraternity/sorority, academics, and personal life.


Joining a fraternity or sorority is a financial obligation. We recommend that you discuss the plan to pay for membership prior to joining.


Know that the process of joining a sorority or fraternity at Northwestern is competitive. We recommend students complete the entire recruitment process. If a student does their research, commits to finding an organization with similar values as their own, we believe there is an organization on campus for everyone.


Allow your students to ask the questions! It helps the student mature and gain some assertiveness.


Ask questions of your student - before recruitment, after recruitment and throughout their experience. Ask about the successes of the organizations and areas it can improve.


Engage your student in a conversation about how they plan to get involved in their chapter. Remember, you do not need a title to be a leader, and every student can make an impact in their organization. How they do that is very personal to each student.


Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) is a resource for you as well! If you have any questions or concerns, we can be reached by phone at (847) 491-2350.