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About the Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts Grant

Provost’s Grants for Research in Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts (HSSA) of up to $5,000 will be awarded to tenure-line and non-tenure-eligible faculty in the humanities, social sciences and arts fields for research and creative work. 


Full-time, benefits-eligible faculty, tenure-line or clinical/instructional, librarian faculty and artists-in-residence with continuing appointments in the humanities, social sciences and the arts fields are eligible to apply. Faculty who won a Career Development and Writing Support grant, an HSSA grant or a Covid Research Recovery grant in 2022-2023 are eligible, but priority consideration may be given to those who did not receive a grant in 2022-2023. Faculty are not eligible to receive both the HSSA grant and a Career Development and Writing Support grant in the same year.


Research proposals will be judged on: 

  1. Usage of funds to impact the applicant’s body of scholarship or creative work
  2. Academic, scholarly or creative merit and originality of the applicant’s research or creative work; potential for significant contribution to the field; and anticipated research or creative output and dissemination, including, for example, publications, papers, future grant applications, performance, etc.


The Research grants will provide up to $5,000 to be paid into faculty discretionary accounts. Funds must be used by Aug. 31, 2025.

Eligible research expenses include: 

  • Travel expenses related to conducting research or creative work 
  • Graduate or undergraduate research assistants (Please note that funding for undergraduate researchers may be available through the Office for Undergraduate Research.) 
  • Assistants or crew for creative work (for example, video editor, composer, animator, etc.) 
  • Data collection, such as conducting surveys or interviews, including transcription services 
  • Acquisition of research materials unavailable locally or online, via microfilm, photographs, etc. 
  • Artistic supplies beyond what would be considered normal and customary in the field 
  • Construction, rental or purchase of special equipment not available on campus. The possibility of renting or leasing (rather than purchasing) such items as audiovisual and photographic equipment should be explored. All merchandise purchased with University funds is the property of the University. Read the equipment purchasing policy for more information. 

Non-allowable expenses include: 

  • Faculty salary, including summer salary 
  • Travel to conferences 
  • Entertainment of visitors, including purchase of alcohol 
  • Teaching activities


All grantees must provide a written self-evaluation of their project by Sept. 30, 2024.

Application Materials

All proposals should be submitted using the online proposal form, which requires the following:

  1. Name, title, department(s), school(s) and title of research or creative project
  2. Project Description: Summary of the research or creative work project and its goals, originality and contribution to the field; include discussion of your proposed activities, feasibility and your anticipated findings, output and dissemination of your research. Explain how the project will impact your body of scholarship or creative work and career development.  (500 words maximum)
  3. Statement of Funding Impact and Budget: Explain why you are requesting funding and how you will specifically use the funds for your research or creative work project. (500 words maximum)
  4. Budget Worksheet: Please fill out and upload the budget worksheet to the online proposal form.
  5. Proposals for creative projects should include work samples; please review the Guidelines for Creative Work Samples for more information.


January 19, 2024


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