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COVID-19 Research Recovery Grants

To help address the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on faculty, the University established a suite of resources, grants and programs to help those who suffered the greatest negative impact, including the COVID-19 Research Recovery Grant program.

Northwestern awarded nearly $3 million in funding to 99 pre-faculty members in 2022 and 2023. Among the many applications of grant awards, faculty whose research or creative work was markedly delayed, interrupted or otherwise disrupted used funding to support graduate students and postdocs in their labs; hire videographers, animators and other crew for films; and travel to archives. The research and creative work supported by the grants resulted in more than 60 papers and articles, over $11 million in external awards received, and acclaim for theatrical productions and books. The program is now closed.

Northwestern also increased funding the Provost's Grants for Research in Humanities, Social Sciences and the Arts and created a new Career Development and Writing Supports Grant. Both of these programs, open to all full-time regular faculty, continue in 2023-2024.