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Academic Program Review

Northwestern’s Academic Program Review is based on a longstanding commitment to continuous improvement, with the University developing and leading a nationally recognized model for over 30 years. The functions of Northwestern's Academic Program Review have shifted to the Office of the Provost and will continue for academic units at Northwestern. While the details of the review process will be updated on this site soon, the overarching goals are to:

  • Understand strengths and opportunities for different academic units and areas
  • Identify opportunities to elevate Northwestern’s eminence, impact and academic standing
  • Anticipate future directions of disciplinary areas
  • Understand the connections between different academic units and identify areas where these connections can be deepened

Reviews will be tailored to fit the academic priorities of the school, unit and the University, and will be aligned with the University’s other strategy planning processes. Northwestern faculty members and external academics with expertise and knowledge in the discipline areas will help guide the reviews. A faculty council will advise on the review process itself, and the Office of the Provost will oversee its implementation.


For questions or feedback, please contact Assistant Provost for Faculty Celina Flowers.