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Rebecca Pinchuk

Director of Strategic Initiatives


Rebecca Pinchuk joined the Office of the Provost in July 2023 as Director of Strategic Initiatives. Previously, she was a director in Northwestern's Office of Organizational Strategy and Change.

Rebecca facilitates data-gathering processes that emphasize multiple perspectives and works with senior leaders to facilitate change in support of institutional priorities.

Her areas of interest and expertise focus on data analysis and translating that data into effective stories that drive action. She is passionate about learning and exploring the best ways to communicate complex detail into effective narrative arcs that lead to greater comprehension and change. 

Prior to joining Northwestern, Rebecca worked in a Developmental Psychology lab at the University of Chicago, conducting early childhood education research, drafting research papers, and managing and analyzing participant data.

Rebecca is a dual-degree holder from Northwestern University, with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master of Science Degree in Higher Education Administration and Policy.