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Student Leadership Development

Aside from the support of SOA, there is a wealth of other resources available for you and your registered student organization to support student leadership as well as recognize individual and group commitment towards Northwestern's values. These are all electives designed by offices at Northwestern to enhance the leadership experience of your students.

LDCE Programs

Women in Leadership

Each quarter, a representative of the LDCE team and a group of student facilitators leads a cohort of women to discuss the intersection of gender and leadership. More information about Women in Leadership is available here.

Community Engagement Coalition

Is your group actively engaging the Evanston and Chicago community? Learn more about the Community Engagement Coalition's work and how to get involved here.

Leadership Workshops

LDCE can coordinate custom workshops for your student organization. More information and request form for a workshop can be found here.

Advocacy Corps

The Advocacy Corps teaches students how to advocate for effective, positive social change in their communities. More information about the Advocacy Corps program can be found on this page.

Leadership Framework

LDCE has developed a specialized framework for understanding leadership at Northwestern. This project is the result of years of gathering information from students and advisors, published research, and student development theory. The framework names our aspirations for students' leadership development so they may graduate with the foundations needed to engage in change. More information about the Leadership Framework here.

Social Justice Education Programs

Sustained Dialogue 

Sustained Dialogue (SD) is a student-facilitated program that encourages conversation across lines of difference with other Northwestern students. Students participate in weekly 90-minute sessions throughout the quarter. More information about SD here.

Peer Inclusion Educators

Peer Inclusion Educators (PIE) is a program started by students, for students, dedicated to fostering an inclusive learning environment by addressing issues surrounding personal awareness of social identities, power, privilege, oppression, and social justice with peers at Northwestern. More information about PIE here.