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Student Organization Financial Resources

Student Organization Finance Office (SOFO)

SOFO is the bank for student organization accounts located on the first floor of Norris University Center. It is free to open a SOFO account for registered student organizations. Accounts are managed by the advisor and specific student officers in the organization. SOFO conducts their own account use training and communications with officers. For just about all withdrawals from a SOFO account, an advisor signature is required to authorize the transaction. For more information about their services, visit the SOFO website here. There is an equivalent office on the Chicago office for Chicago-campus based groups called COFO.

Cashier's Office

The Cashier's Office in Norris, located next door to the SOFO window, offers a variety of other financial services for student organizations including cashier bags, accepting deposits for SOFO accounts, and more.

Debit Cards

The Cashier's Office in Norris manages a debit card program for registered student organizations to load cards for use. This comes with specific conditions and responsibilities for use. The advisor is responsible for maintaining the cards when they are not checked out. More information about the Debit Card program is available here.

Wildcat Connection Group Finance Page

As advisor for your registered student organization, if you are listed as the advisor on Wildcat Connection, you have access to view your organization's SOFO transaction history. Navigate to the organization's page in the Wildcat Connection platform, click 'Manage Organization' in the upper right. On the next screen, click the small menu icon in the upper left to reveal a dropdown of page management features including 'Finance.'