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Campus Advertising Guidelines

Northwestern University has abundant opportunities for your group to promote an upcoming event, activity, or recruiting effort. Please click a tab below to learn more about specific options available. Do you notice anything out-of-date, a link that leads to an error message, or anything missing? Email and our team can update the page quickly.

Tech and Ford Publicity Policy

The Technological Institute and the Ford Engineering Design Center offer Northwestern student organizations and departments the opportunity to advertise Northwestern events on designated kiosks and bulletin boards in high-visibility areas inside the buildings and on the two exterior kiosks on the Tech West Plaza.

Attaching flyers to walls, doors,windows, columns, and/or on classroom chair backs is prohibited and may be subject to fine per the Campus Publicity Policy.

No chalking or flyers are allowed on the Tech East or West Plazas. Questions about posting policies in Tech should be directed to the McCormick Manager Space & Safety, 847-467-1994.

Northwestern tabling in Tech during the week must obtain a permit from McCormick Administrative Manager, Tech L272 or 847-491-5550. No fundraising or charitable drives are permitted in TECH or Ford lobby. For weekend events, permission is granted from Norris Event Management at 847-491-2330. For Ford, permission is granted from the McCormick Manager Space & Safety, 847-467-1994.

Contact McCormick Marketing Office for Tech and Ford publicity policy.

Flyering (includes specific details regarding Libraries)

Most academic and other campus buildings host bulletin boards available for event promotion. Please make sure you consult with relevant departments or facilities offices before adding an advertisement to a board that may be owned by a specific office.

Northwestern University Libraries specifies publicity and posting policies for their spaces in their Building Use Policy site.

At this time, taping down flyers on campus sidewalks and other Northwestern property is prohibited for student organizations. Similarly, questions about specific locations for physical flyering can be routed to: until further notice.


Sidewalk chalk is available in the SOURCE. Chalking is permitted on campus grounds that are not covered by any overhangs and where precipitation will wash it away over time. Common spots to chalk include the ramps from Campus Drive up to the Norris Center west entrance, near the Rock, and near the Arch. Chalking on campus property other than the sidewalk is not permitted.


There are several screens around Northwestern's Evanston and Chicago campusses available for advertising interests and events for students. Some screens have specific restrictions regarding who is eligible to be included in message rotation. Others may have a fee to advertise. Examples of the screen locations are included below. For more information including submission guidelines, visit the guide on Northwestern's IT website.
  • McCormick School of Engineering (Ford and Cook)
  • Norris
  • Res Halls
  • Athletics/Fitness
  • Mudd Library
  • University Library
  • Research Computing Services
  • Kellogg School of Management
  • School of Professional Studies
  • The Garage
  • Feinberg School of Medicine


Student groups looking to create large banners to promote have a few options on campus. Most places on campus will require advance reservation to mount the banner. Please connect with the Norris Events office before posting a banner on campus (indoors or outdoors).

  • ARTica in the Norris Underground provides everything your group needs to design, paint, and mount a bed sheet banner. They can bill to a SOFO account or students can pay out-of-pocket.
  • The SOURCE on the third floor of Norris has a large format printer outfitted with vinyl rolls. The material is intended to withstand weather for a limited period of display. Grometting/mounting supplies are available from ARTica. More information including submission form available on the SOURCE website.  SOA has also prepared a brief guide about submitting images for the printer. The SOURCE can only accept requests from groups (student organizations or campus departments) with SOFO/university accounts for billing purposes.
  • Main & Mudd Libraries have a large format printer available outfitted with paper rolls. Students can add money to their Wildcard for printing from this machine. More information available on the Libraries website.

Banner locations reserved through Norris events include:

  • Norris West Main Entranceway (i.e. revolving door building entrance)
  • Trees near the Weber Arch

For displaying banners elsewhere on campus, please connect with whoever manages a specific property on campus (e.g. academic department, residential services, etc.) or Northwestern University Facilities Management.

Printing Options

Student organizations with active SOFO accounts can set up a copy/print account in the SOURCE, on the third floor of Norris. Current rates available on the SOURCE website. Campus Life issues invoices at the end of each quarter. To set up a new copy/print account, reset a print/copy code, or learn what your group's balance is, please email Joe Lattal. The SOURCE has both regular copy paper and different colors available for self-service.

For larger print jobs, Northwestern has preferred vendor relationships with various local print/copy shops. To view the updated list, visit the University's Preferred Vendor website.

Norris Window Painting

From the Norris Events Management Policy Manual:


  • Reservations are made for Sunday beginning at 4:00pm through the following Sunday ending at
  • The windows are the middle set of windows in the 1999 area.
  • Paint must be water-based paints. Water-based paints can be rented from Artica Studios for $15.
  • Student organization must provide either a SOFO account number or a CUFS account number
    prior to the reservation being confirmed.

Please visit Norris Events on the 3rd floor of Norris for more information.

Social Media

Student organizations are encouraged to engage their audience through responsible use of social media accounts. Groups are encouraged to create Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other accounts as needed to develop a following. Groups can also update their Wildcat Connection page and promote events to be included in the Wildcat Connection calendar. Social media channels can also be linked directly from the group's Wildcat Connection page.

Online Calendars

There are multiple options for posting events to campus calendars. Please see below to determine what best meets your group's needs.

  • PlanIT Purple: The official University calendar, linked to Northwestern websites. Any group is eligible to setup and manage a PlanIT Purple account. Events can be designated for only netID users, fit within specific categories and more.
  • Wildcat Connection: The centralized home of student organization activity, Wildcat Connection allows an event host to designate security access to view event details. Custom categories are available as well as advertising whether your event is free, has free giveaways, free food, or more. Access to post events is currently limited to the group page's officers.
  • Facebook Events: Though not connected to Northwestern University media or platforms, campus research suggests Facebook offers tremendous reach for your event. Post with caution on the platform since high-profile events are likely to attract the general public, whether they are the intended audience or not. 

SOA encourages students to utilize Facebook to promote general information about their events open to all with specific and sensitive information linked to a Wildcat Connection event viewable only by netID users. For more information about event calendars and posting, please email:

Email Announcements

If your group is looking to make targeted announcements to folks who have expressed interest in your group's offerings, make sure you have a Northwestern University Listserv. More information available from Northwestern University IT.

Groups can also set up an Organizational email account for this type of correspondence. accounts offer password recovery, Northwestern IT security and more features.


Norris offers specific, reservable tables available at no-cost to student organizations looking to have a physical presence in a high-traffic area. Norris Outdoor Events also manages most requests for outdoor tabling on campus. More information available on the Norris Events website.

The Rock

The Rock is an Outdoor Event Space. For policies regarding Outdoor Events and Publicity, contact Norris Event Management.

Advertising in Publications

Northwestern has several opportunities to advertise to different audiences in various publications. Please click the links below to learn more information including deadlines, fees, and more. If you manage a campus publication not included below and would like it added to the list, please email:

Group Website on NU Server Space

Student groups can publish a website through NUsites. Your log-in is simply your NetID and password. 


All sales persons and solicitors, including canvassers, distributors, and students conducting charitable drives must obtain permission of the appropriate unit officer or University Official responsible for the building in which the solicitation occurs, as well as observe applicable solicitation policy for that building.

Permission for such activity must be produced upon request by any member of the University community. Violators will be reported to University Police. Commercial solicitation is prohibited at The Rock, in dining halls, door to door within University buildings, or in student mailboxes. At no time and under no circumstances will door-to-door solicitation be permitted within the residence halls. No one is permitted to place materials on, at, or under resident room doors unless for official University business or communication between known acquaintances.

Solicitation in the Norris Center must be approved by the Events Planning Team. Recognized student organizations will need to obtain a permit through the Northwestern Dining Office to solicit within dining halls. Please contact the NU Dining Director of Marketing at 847-467-6010.

Outdoor Sound Amplification

Campus groups who wish to use projected or amplified sound on University property must request permission through the outdoor events process. Requests must be in compliance with local and state ordinances.

The City of Evanston requires a permit for amplified sound and will approve sound permits only for events east of Sheridan Road.

The following noise restrictions are strictly enforced at the Rock:

  • Amplified sound is not permitted before 5 p.m. on weekdays.
  • Amplified sound may be allowed after 5 p.m. and on the weekends.
  • No event may disturb University business taking place in any of the adjacent buildings or surrounding areas.
  • If a University official requests a modification in noise level, event organizers must adhere to the request immediately.
  • In certain circumstances, University Police may be called to resolve any differences.
  • To apply for a sound permit please fill out an Outdoor Event Request Form. Question or concerns please contact the Norris Event Planning Team.

Northwestern University Political Activity Policy

The following is an excerpt from Northwestern’s Policy on the Use of University Facilities for Political Activities:

Northwestern University’s status as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code prohibits it from participating or intervening in any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office, including by means of the publishing or distributing of statements. Northwestern University recognizes that students, faculty, and staff may wish to participate in the political process and that such participation may, in fact, contain an educational component. Recognized student organizations may reserve University facilities, including lecture halls, certain outdoor spaces, and any other space available to all recognized student groups, to conduct organizational meetings or to host, sponsor, and/or publicize an event on behalf of a candidate.

Read more here. 

Violations and Enforcement

Complaints regarding students or student groups who violate the campus publicity policies and procedures will be referred to the Director of the Student Organizations & Activities. The Director will resolve the matter or refer the complaint to the Office of Community Standards. Sanctions for violations may include but are not limited to fines or University service. For more information about the University’s student disciplinary system, refer to

For publicity questions not addressed, please contact:

Division of Student Affairs
Scott Hall, 601 University Place, 847-491-8430