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Registered student organizations and their members have many opportunities to seek funding through institutional grants, student government allocations, individual financial need, and more. Please browse the appropriate opportunities below that best fits your or your group's needs.

Note that crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and IndieGogo are strictly prohibited for fundraising for Northwestern registered student organizations. If you do not find your solution among the opportunities below, please connect with your advisor.

Student Activities Assistance Fund

UPDATE: We have used 100% of the available funds for the SAAF this year. The SAAF is currently closed for the remainder of spring 2024. Check back close to the start of Fall 2024 for details on SAAF.

The Student Activities Assistance Fund (SAAF, formerly known as Student Activities Scholarship Fund, SASF) was established in 2012 as a supplemental grant to assist students in registered student organizations with financial support to participate fully in their student organization’s programs and events. Student groups such as dance teams, service organizations, and a cappella groups often require their members to pay for group trips, supplies, and competitions. The SAAF is meant to help reduce the financial burden these activities may cause students.

The fund is meant to help those students who could not afford to participate without any external aid. This is a grant for individuals, not organizations. If multiple members of a group require assistance, they must each fill out an individual application. Examples of grantable expenses would include costume expenses for a student in a student organization theater production or travel expenses for a student attending a conference with their student group. FAQs, more information, and the application link can be found on the SAAF info page. The SAAF application typically opens Week 2-9 each quarter.

Associated Student Government Allocations

The student activity fee supports nearly 130 registered student organizations at Northwestern each year.  Registered student organizations who have been established at Northwestern for more than one year can apply to be eligible for ASG allocations. For more information about how to be eligible for ASG allocations, email:

ASG Executive Grants

Focused on providing additional pathways for students to access resources, the ASG Executive Grant (AEG) consolidates ASG’s three largest grant programs, the Wild Ideas, Community Building, and Affinity grants, into one funding pool. The AEG will provide $69,000 distributed throughout the three quarters of the 2023-2024 academic year, with $23,000 awarded per quarter. Applications for organizations and initiatives that focus on strengthening affinity groups and events, community building activities, and innovative ideas will be prioritized during evaluations, though everyone is encouraged to apply.

ASG Sustainability Grants

The ASG sustainability grant is awarded to student groups seeking to promote and improve sustainability at Northwestern. We manage $2000 per quarter ($6000 annually). Applicants can ask for up to $500 of funding per quarter. Guidelines and the application can be found here: Sustainability Grant Guidelines

Barrier-Free Grants

SOA has created the Barrier-Free Grant to support the events/experiences for student organizations who encourage a positive and inclusive experience for the NU community. The Barrier-Free Grant funding for the 2023-24 academic year has already been allocated. Check back later to learn about the due dates for the Barrier-Free Grant application for the 2024-25 academic year!


Catalyzer, Northwestern’s crowdfunding platform managed by Alumni Relations and Development, enables registered students groups to raise money for projects that make an impact—socially, culturally, and globally. Through Catalyzer, student groups have raised money to launch new programming, bring in dynamic speakers, facilitate workshops, and more! Catalyzer projects benefit the broader Northwestern community, further the mission of the University, and include an educational component. Student groups can apply to participate in a fall, #CATSGiveBack, winter, or spring Catalyzer project cycle. More information and how to apply can be found here.

Corporate Engagement

There are often opportunities to connect with corporate sponsors who already have a relationship with Northwestern or your cause. Student groups have a designated corporate engagement officer who will work directly with you to make sure your fundraising efforts are compliant with Northwestern policy and meet your goals. Visit the Office of Corporate Engagement (OCE) site for resources, and be sure to connect directly with your RSO advisor or reach out to

Co-Sponsoring with Other Student Groups of Campus Departments

Many student groups seeking to sponsor or host an event that is bigger than their budget will pool resources with similar groups, their graduate/professional student equivalent group or university offices that share their interest or cause. Wondering if that group is out there? Visit Wildcat Connection and search the database. Many large budget events with popular draws are the result of collaborations and cooperations with budgets, personnel, and marketing efforts.

Hillel Make It Happen Grant

Northwestern Hillel has grants available. Learn more about opportunities on the Hillel website.

InclusionNU Fund

The InclusionNU Fund is a grant distributed by Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) that supports registered Northwestern University student organizations in implementing programs and initiatives that align with MSA's mission of supporting marginalized communities and creating an inclusive and welcoming campus. Please be sure to review the InclusionNU website carefully for application windows and deadlines. 

Senior Leader Fund

The Office of the President, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, and/or Office of the Provost have a budget to support registered student organizations and events. More information about this grant program available through the Senior Leader Fund Request Form.

More Opportunities

Student Organizations & Activities and the Alumni Relations & Development offices occasionally hear about opportunities for student groups to fundraise throughout the year. Information about these options are included in the SOA Newsletter emailed to presidents & treasurers. Connect with your president or treasurer or scroll down to the the news section on the SOA Wildcat Connection page for more details.