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Safe Involvement

Approached on campus? You don't have to engage.

There has been an increased presence of unregistered groups and organizations approaching students in both indoor and outdoor campus spaces at Northwestern. 

Just because an individual or group is in a campus space does not mean they are authorized to recruit there.

Northwestern takes student wellness and safety seriously. Through a few simple steps, you can determine whether an individual or group is a member of the Northwestern community.

What to Look For
What to Do

Who is allowed to recruit on campus?

Northwestern student organizations must register with the university annually, complete annual requirements, and/or be sponsored by a Northwestern department. Wildcat Connection is the directory of active registered student organizations, fraternities, sororities, and competitive sports teams. All organizations listed include student officer and advisor contact information.

Where does RSO recruitment tend to occur?

  • SOA manages organization fairs every fall, winter, and spring as an opportunity for students to learn how to get involved with registered student organizations. Student organizations will also build their presence by recruiting with event reservations at the Rock, Norris University Center, and other high-traffic areas of campus.
  • Religiously Affiliated Registered Student Organizations will never approach you on campus sidewalks, ask for your phone number to text you, or approach you in your classroom buildings to ask you religious questions. 

Where on campus do unregistered organizations typically approach students?

Based on accounts from students, recruiters from unregistered organizations and groups have approached students in common spaces of Norris, along Sheridan Road, and on the Lakefill among other locations. 

How can I report this interaction to Northwestern?

Reporting can be as simple as alerting a peer, advisor, or faculty member immediately with details of the interaction. Try to include details like the individual’s appearance, specific phrasing, and the time and place of the occurrence.

Students are encouraged to immediately report the time and location of the interaction and a description of the individual(s) to the nearest facility manager. For incidents occurring outdoors but on campus property, individuals can contact NUPD. It’s likely that if the unauthorized recruiter suspects authorities are being contacted, they’ll exit and hopefully be discouraged from future activities.

You can also report details of the interaction online by submitting a General Concern Report.

What should I do if I suspect I am or someone I am concerned about is involved in an unregistered organization or group?

  • Northwestern takes threats to student wellness seriously, and peers can assist with keeping our campus safe. Submit a general concern about a past or ongoing incident through the Office of Community Standards. Reports may be submitted anonymously, though Office of Community Standards states they have found more success in interventions as needed when the individual submitting shares their identity.
  • If you are uncomfortable with someone approaching you claiming they are from a religious group, please make a Community Concern Report or contact Religious & Spiritual Life for a confidential meeting.  

How can I get involved in a Registered Student Organization?