Leadership Framework

Solving the complex challenges of today’s world requires authentic leadership that is grounded in critical reflection and a commitment to lifelong learning. Northwestern’s Leadership Framework names our aspirations for students’ leadership development so they may graduate with the foundations needed to engage in change. 

Students who participate in leadership development programs and activities will [or will be able to]…

  • Identify and articulate their own values, strengths, and social identities and how they inform an authentic leadership style (Understanding Self)
  • Develop a social justice lens through which students practice leadership (Justice Orientation)
  • Identify opportunities for growth or improvement and strategically plan for sustained and ethical practice of leadership (Strategic Planning and Reasoning)
  • Build and maintain relationships in order to positively shape their communities at Northwestern and beyond (Building and Maintaining Relationships)
  • Demonstrate initiative and follow through in order to achieve positive change through the leadership process (Executing Change)