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Writing a Constitution

Writing or reviewing your organization's constitution allows your organization to refine your mission, officer roles and responsibilities, meeting rules, and membership requirements. A student organization's constitution is important when questions arise about the activities or mission of the group. All Northwestern registered student organizations are required to have up-to-date constitutions.

Components of a Student Organization Constitution

Tips for Holding a Constitution Review Meeting

  • Bring all stakeholders together, including organization advisor
  • Start by creating/reviewing mission statement that describes the purpose of the group, along with a list of activities that will accomplish the purpose.
  • Define the composition your membership and the requirements for admission into the group
  • Write officer descriptions in third person using position titles instead of pronouns, i.e., "The President will."
  • Keep the document in an editable digital format (.doc), a permanent digital format (.pdf), and in print

Adapted from University Center Activities and Events at Duke University