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NU-SHIP Referrals

The Northwestern University Health Service (NUHS) and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) serve as your primary care providers while you are in the Evanston / Chicago area. They should be your first stop in coordinating your medical and mental health care needs, and any referrals for outside services.* Please see the instructions for after-hours care when NUHS is closed.

Why do I Need a Referral?
The NU-SHIP is designed to work in coordination with campus health services. When NUHS and/or CAPS manages your healthcare needs, you benefit by:

Please note: because the NU-SHIP is an annual insurance plan, all referrals must be updated annually!

*Dependents are not eligible to use the services of the Northwestern University Health Service and therefore are not subject to the referral requirements and penalties.

What Happens if I Don’t Get a Referral?

You will be responsible for a $50 penalty, per condition (in addition to any plan co-pay or deductible which may apply), for any expenses you incur for which you did not obtain a referral from NUHS. A referral is required when services outside NUHS are provided in Cook and Lake Counties.

When Don't I Need a Referral?
Referrals from NUHS are not required in the following circumstances:

Preferred Provider Network

Click here to obtain a list of NU-SHIP Preferred Providers in your area.