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What We Do

Northwestern's Student Insurance office can help you:

  1. Successfully navigate University insurance policies and annual requirements
  2. Learn about insurance options, choices, and how to determine the best fit for your personal healthcare needs
  3. Resolve insurance billing and claims issues, irrespective of whether you are covered through the student insurance plan (NU-SHIP) or an alternate plan. 

The Student Health Insurance Office

  • manages the annual insurance selection process in CAESAR, and provides students (and their families) with assistance navigating the annual confirmation or waiver of your NU-SHIP coverage;
  • educates students about how to verify plan benefits and covered services (irrespective of plan), identify in-network providers, and use your insurance coverage effectively;
  • assists students in researching and assessing private insurance options, to best fit your specific healthcare needs;
  • helps students resolve insurance billing or claims issues, irrespective of whether your coverage is through the NU-SHIP or an alternate insurance plan;
  • coordinates with other campus units to develop financial, social, and emotional support for students' healthcare and insurance needs; and
  • develops policy to ensure students have effective coverage and care to support their academic goals.

Guiding Principles

The Northwestern Student Health Insurance office seeks to provide superior service to students and their families, as well as our campus partners across the University. To this end, we are steered by a set of "Pillars of Exemplary Service Delivery" that guide our daily efforts:


We actively strive to know the people, processes, and services across the Northwestern community, to help us address student concerns and respond to student inquiries as effectively as possible. 

Actively Listening

We listen carefully to students, their families, and our colleagues, asking questions and clarifying conversations, so we can better understand how to respond and resolve insurance situations.


We aim to understand your perspective, by putting ourselves in your shoes, so we can acknowledge your viewpoint and develop solutions that take into account your individual needs and circumstances.

Taking Action

We take the steps to get the job done! If we need assistance from our colleagues across campus, we will reach out to gather the necessary information in order to deliver to you great results, and a great experience working with our office.

Expressing Appreciation

We acknowledge the support, assistance, and input of our colleagues, our students, and the entire Northwestern community. We endeavor to recognize your work, and appreciate your efforts, on behalf of our office and our service to students.