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Dependent Coverage

Dependent Open Enrollment Deadlines

Dependent open enrollment is aligned with student open enrollment. Open enrollment for Northwestern students is based on the first quarter in which they are actively enrolled at the University each academic year (for most students, this is Fall Quarter).

Students may enroll their dependents into the NU-SHIP, after first confirming their own enrollment via the online Coverage Selection Form in CAESAR. Open enrollment periods for dependents are the same as student open enrollment periods. 

Who Can I Cover?

How Do I Enroll My Dependents?

Remember: You must add dependents to your NU-SHIP coverage during your appropriate open enrollment period (see above) at the start of each new policy year.

Because dependents are not eligible to use the Northwestern University Health Service (NUHS), they are not subject to referral requirements and penalties that apply to students enrolled in the NU-SHIP.

What Does it Cost to Cover My Dependents?

2022–2023 Dependent NU-SHIP Premiums

Please note: Aetna offers the option to pay for dependent coverage in quarterly installments.For additional information, please go to Aetna's Dependent Enrollment page, enter your Student ID and date of birth, and then click on "View Plan Details" (and scroll down) to review the quarterly payment schedule.