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2024-2025 Periods of Coverage

The Northwestern University Student Health Plan accommodates different program start dates in order to keep students covered effectively. Please see the table below for your program’s applicable coverage dates, premiums, and open enrollment period. For programs outside the annual open enrollment and coverage dates we have included pages specific to your program, below the table, for more information. 

If you are starting your program in a term later than its typical start date please contact the Student Health Insurance Office for applicable coverage dates, premiums, and open enrollment period.

A table showing the different premium rates and coverage dates for various careers at Northwestern University.

NU-SHIP Coverage Dates, Premium Rates, and Open Enrollment Periods based on Program Types
NU-SHIP Enrollment Coverage Dates Premium Rate Open Enrollment Period
Kellogg 1Y and MMM, Incoming PA, and Incoming PO 6/1/24 - 8/31/25 $6,975 5/14/24 - 7/3/24
Incoming Feinberg Medical 7/28/24 - 8/31/25 $6,105 6/18/24 - 10/1/24
Incoming Law 8/15/24 - 8/31/25 $5,830 7/1/24 - 10/1/24
All programs unless specified above 9/1/24 - 8/31/25 $5,571 7/1/24 - 10/1/24

Kellogg 1Y and MMM Students

Physician Assistant Students

Prosthetics and Orthotics Students