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Waiving NU-SHIP Enrollment with Medicaid


Students covered under Illinois Medicaid plans qualify to waive enrollment in the Northwestern University Student Health Insurance Plan (NU-SHIP). However, waiver applications are not accepted from students enrolled in out-of-state Medicaid plans, because these plans do not meet Northwestern’s comparable coverage requirements (i.e., they do not provide in-network routine, non-emergency care in the Evanston/Chicago area).

Undergraduate students who are Pell-eligible should complete the 2022-23 Health Insurance Aid Request for the NU-SHIP premium, to ensure they have effective coverage while at they are studying at Northwestern.

If you have Out-of-State Medicaid:
Should you elect to waive the NU-SHIP with an Illinois Medicaid plan, you will not be eligible for emergency enrollment in the NU-SHIP if Medicaid does not meet your future healthcare needs*.
*Degree-seeking students are eligible to enroll each year during the regular open enrollment period, July 1 through October 1. Students experiencing qualifying life events may qualify to add the NU-SHIP mid-year; see here for additional information on allowable mid-year changes.