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OTG Best Practices


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I look up FAMIS Work Order numbers?

There is a list of Standing Work Orders that existed is FAMIS and their corresponding FC Work Task number.  You can locate the Converted FAMIS Work Orders report here.

Login Error message - Northwestern Stale Request

This error message usually occurs when the SSO request is old, the request to sign in was not responded to in a timely manner, or it the application has been open too long.  

To resolve:

Step 1: Log out of OTG completely and then close the OTG app.

Step 2: Clear the history and website data by navigating to the iPad Settings - Safari - ‘Clear History and Website Data’

Step 3: Turn the iPad completely off.  Wait 1-2 minutes.

Step 4: Turn the iPad back on and log back into OTG. 


*Please note: DO NOT delete the app and reinstall to try to resolve this issue.  

Login Error message - "Unable to validate user"

Reach out to the Facilities Connect Team for support.


*Please note: DO NOT delete the app and reinstall to try to resolve this issue.  

Login Error message - Blank White Screen

This can happen if you check the "Remember my username" box on the log in screen.  DO NOT check this box.  

To resolve:

Step 1: Close the OTG app. 

Step 2: Reopen the OTG app and click "Clear all users". 

Step 3: Re-register your account and run through set up.  


*Please note: DO NOT delete the app and reinstall to try to resolve this issue.  

What if my sync wheel won't stop spinning?

The OTG app can get "stuck" in a syncing pattern when a user tries to upload or sync too much data at one time.  It is a best practice to sync the app once the sync number reaches 10 or double digits.  

If your app is stuck:

Option 1: Click the stop sync "X" button to manually stop the sync.  Restart the sync manually by clicking on the sync arrows. 

Option 2: Close the OTG app.  Reopen the app and allow the initial sync to run.  If there are still sync items, run the sync manually.  

If neither of those options result in a successful sync, reach out to the Facilities Connect Team.  


*Please note: DO NOT delete the app and reinstall to resolve this issue.  

What if I can't find a Work Task?

A user has access to any Work Task that falls under their Workgroup.  Use the task queue "My Workgroup Tasks" to search through all taks assigned to your Workgroup, regardless of whether the user has been has been assigned that task.  

If the Work Task falls outside of a user's Workgroup, then a Supervisor will need to add that user to the task.  

Why do I have to carry my iPad?

Facilities Connect will dispatch work assignments directly to your iPad, and only campus emergencies will be dispatched by radio. It’s a good time to get in the habit of carrying your iPad with you at all times.

Will Facilities Connect work on iPhone and Android phones?

The Facilities Connect mobile app (Services OTG) will work on iOS and Android devices.

NU Facilities policy is that only Apple iPads are supported by FMIT. The expectation of NU Facilities leadership is that you will use your University issued iPad for all of Facilities Connect training and as you get acclimated to this new system. Training and support will only be provided on your iPad.

Will Facilities Connect be able to track my location on campus?

No, Facilities Connect does not have the capability to track or report on your location on campus. Similar to most mobile apps, the Facilities Connect mobile app (Services OTG) can use an iPad’s current location to autofill location on things like a new issue, new service request, etc.

Will Facilities Connect work in WIFI dead zones around campus?

Yes, if your iPad loses its WIFI connection while you are working, each of your updates will continue to be visible and will be held in the Facilities Connect mobile app’s (Services OTG) memory until the connection is restored. Once your iPad is reconnected, Services OTG will automatically sync your updates on the Facilities Connect server.

I’m aware of specific WIFI dead zones on campus. Can I report them?

Yes, we would appreciate the feedback! We will share the locations of the dead zones with IT so they can prioritize and address them. Additionally, please do not hesitate to report Motorola radio dead zones too. To report, tap on the FC Support icon (iPad) or go to the Facilities Connect O&M Support website and click on the Submit Feedback link.