Do you need help with Facilities Connect?

Please review the questions below, or you can visit the Facilities Connect Training Page for the full library of training material.  

Submit feedback or questions about Facilities Connect here.

General IT Support: Visit NUIT’s support center. The page provides direct navigation to contact IT department representatives.  Submit an online IT assistance request.

Facilities Connect Team: Click here for Facilities Connect core team directory with department titles, roles and contact information.

If you have questions about Facilities Connect, you may email facilities.connect@northwestern.edu. 

Can I look up older FAMIS Work Orders?

There is a list of Standing Work Orders that existed is FAMIS and their corresponding FC Work Task number.  You can locate the Converted FAMIS Work Orders report here.

How do I request access or modify access to Facilities Connect?

Requests for new user access and modifications to existing access are handled by Financial Operations IT. This is the same group that currently manages FAMIS access requests and the process is the same. Please complete the General Security Access Form found on the NU Portal, Facilities Security Request section. Access request will need to be approved through the Dean’s office just as they are today for FAMIS requests.

How do I change approvers for my department?

You can add and remove approvers for Non-Building charges using the Facilities Services Approver Change Form.  If you have one update, complete the form as normal. If you have multiple updates either complete the form for each change or enter the first one in the form and upload a spreadsheet with all the remaining updates.

How do I make a Key Request?

Whether you have lost a key or have a new employee, start a Key Request with the Key Form.  

Add the completed Key Form to a Service Request in the Related Documents section, or include the form in an email to Customer Service (facilities@northwestern.edu).