What is Facilities Connect?

“Facilities Connect” is a new web-based portal to access Facilities information and services.

Facilities Connect will allow Facilities staff and University users to access data and transactions within Facilities Space Information, Capital Programs, Operations & Maintenance, Real Estate, and Energy & Sustainability. Facilities Connect has replaced SIMS as the space information system of record, and will replace Projecto (for construction management), and FAMIS (for service calls). 

What are the benefits of the Facilities Connect project?

A few of the key benefits of Facilities Connect for both Facilities staff and University customers include:

  • Enhanced service delivery via a single platform to streamline Facilities processes
  • Refined Facilities processes to provide clarity of roles and responsibilities
  • Improved transparency via real-time metrics/reporting to increase responsiveness and accountability
  • Increased accessibility via a customer portal for easier access to services and better information

What systems are being replaced by Facilities Connect?

Facilities Connect will replace the following systems:

  • SIMS (space information)
  • Projecto (construction management)
  • FAMIS (service calls)

Users of SIMS, Projecto, and FAMIS will access all of their transactions and reports through Facilities Connect after the system is fully implemented. During the implementation, current reports can be accessed using their existing systems until their respective Facilities Connect modules launch.

Training sessions will be held throughout the Facilities Connect roll-out to introduce the new system’s capabilities. Additionally, eLearns will be available on the myHRLearn portal and job aids available on the Facilities webpage. The implementation team will communicate all training schedules and other related events or activities ahead of time to allow for adequate planning and to schedule accommodations.

When should I expect to see changes?

The full implementation of Facilities Connect will be completed in 2019, with improvements being implemented in a series of modules. The Space Information module was launched in February 2018 and is now the system of record for all University space information. Development is underway on the Sustainability, Management and Operations & Maintenance modules. Go Live dates will be announced as we near implementation.

How can I stay informed about Facilities Connect project updates?

Please continue to check the project website for updates on the Facilities Connect implementation. Our team also plans to update you frequently throughout the implementation via emails, town halls, and training sessions. We will work with you and your colleagues to get you the information you need, when you need it.

If you have questions about Facilities Connect, you may email facilitiesconnect@northwestern.edu

How do I request access or modify access to Facilities Connect?

Requests for new user access and modifications to existing access are handled by Financial Operations IT. This is the same group that currently manages FAMIS access requests and the process is the same. Please complete the General Security Access Form found on the NU Portal, Facilities Security Request section. Access request will need to be approved through the Dean’s office just as they are today for FAMIS requests.