Mission & Values


Facilities builds and maintains a Northwestern that educates, enriches and engages.


Facilities will deliver effective and reliable services as a collaborative and valued partner.

Organizational values

Customer oriented

Service to the University is the driving force of our department. Our customer focus, along with user-friendly systems and processes, results in seamless service that is proactive, respectful and responsive to customers' needs and expectations.


We are entrusted with the ongoing care of the University's physical assets. Our charge is to find balance among: preservation of the University's heritage; distinguished design; maintenance and functionality; environmental responsibility; and fiscal management.


As individuals, we take ownership and responsibility for the success of our department. We work with enthusiasm and dedication to achieve our shared goals.


We practice and promote an open exchange of ideas and information within and among all levels of our organization, and with our customers and other stakeholders.


We work interdependently and collaboratively, contributing to each other's success in creating optimal results across all aspects of our work.


We actively listen to all individuals, recognize their contributions, and treat them with courtesy, honesty and dignity.


As individuals, we have the responsibility and authority to make informed decisions regarding our work. Empowered individuals possess appropriate skills and training, share common values and goals, understand constraints, and demonstrate a willingness to share information, resources and ideas through open participation.

Employee Development

We provide our employees with flexible opportunities for personal and professional growth through education, training, and workplace experience.


We appreciate and seek differences in backgrounds and viewpoints, and support the hiring of diverse staff, vendors, and contractors. Leveraging diversity contributes to the community and results in better solutions and an enriched work environment.


We promote and practice honest, ethical and principled behavior, fostering a culture of mutual trust, respect and accountability.