The Facilities Connect Team is excited to expand the platform's capabilities with improved business intelligence and reporting.  The Tableau reporting tool will make analyzing Facilities data faster, easier and more user friendly.  

Tableau is a powerful data visualization tool used to simplify raw data into an easily understandable format.  Some features of Tableau include data blending, real time analysis, and the ability to create customized reports and graphics through dashboards.

Currently, the FC Reporting tool contains data around Operations & Maintenance (Service Requests, Work Tasks, and related Financial Information). In future phases, additional data sets will be added (e.g. Space reports, Capital Projects, etc).    

Access and Licenses


Facilities Connect users that have Data Administrators, Data Stewards, and Department Financial Administrators to Facilities Connect can access the FC Reporting. In addition, a variety of staff within Facilities have access to FC Reporting. 

Use the Northwestern IT General Security Access Request form to gain this level of access to Facilities Connect.

By default, FC Reporting users have Tableau 'Interactor' access to the reports. An individual Tableau license is not necessary to interact and view published reports. 

If you are interested in customizing the reports or creating new/unique reports, you can have your access elevated to 'Editor' by completing the FC Reporting Elevated Access Request form.


An individual Tableau license is not needed for viewing or basic editing (changing fields in a report, setting defaults, etc); however, for advanced editing a Tableau Desktop license may be required. Tableau licenses are the responsibility of each department/ unit/ school. Visit the Northwestern IT Tableau page for more information.

Log In

You can directly access the reports with the links in the "Reports" section below.

Alternatively, you can access the FC Reporting Tool in Tableau with your NetID go to:

After you enter you NetID and password into SSO, select "Facilities Connect" from the drop-down menu. 

Tableau options page, showing the data sources.



Service Request Reports

Work Task Reports

  • Work Task Lookup - provides a list of Work Tasks to look through with the Task ID, Task Name, Task Description, and Status.
  • Active Work Tasks by Requestor - provides the user a list of active work tasks by requester.
  • Completed Work Tasks by Class Per Month - provides a table showing the amount of Completed Work Task by shop and by Month color coded with the darker colors meaning more completed work tasks. The table is also sorted by shop with the greatest to the least completed work tasks starting from top to bottom respectively.
  • Created Work Tasks Per Month - provides a graph showing the number of created work tasks by month along with the average number shown by a straight line across the graph. The graph also shows a trend line across the graph showing the general trend for the amount of created work tasks for the time period provided.
  • Job Cost Summary and Detail - provides WT total charges by location, transaction date, requestor, request class, cost type, and debit department/account IDs. Can filter by department, transaction date, building name or address.
  • Charge Per Work Task - provides a table showing total Work Task charges, total Work Tasks, and the average charge per Work Task broken down by month. 

Facilities Reports (Facilities Staff Only)

  • Work Tasks Completed On Time vs. Overdue: Provides the user two different tables. The first table shows the percentage of work tasks completed on time vs. overdue based on planned and actual end dates by month. The second table shows timeliness of completed work tasks by shop filtered for work tasks more than 90 days overdue from planned completion date. 
  • Assigned Work Tasks by Shop: Shows all active work tasks by department responsible and by creation date.
  • Active Work Tasks by Priority: Gives the user a list of all active work tasks by priority level by the number of days work tasks are outstanding.

Resources and Support

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