Faculty & Staff eCycling

Select the equipment you want to dispose of:

University-owned computers

Depending on the age and condition of your computer, you will be able to donate, exchange, or recycle it. Before you take advantage of these options, be sure you comply with:

Working computers less than 5 years old:

Northwestern will pick up University-owned Pentium IV and newer computers and donate them to local nonprofit organizations. NUIT sanitizes the hard drive before reinstalling Windows and sending them on their way. You may also consider listing it on the Surplus Property Exchange, an online bulletin board where departments and schools can post their University-owned equipment for sale or free. Note: Please do not cut any computer or power cords prior to pickup.

Broken, old (more than 5 years old) or outdated (below Pentium PC or Power Mac) computers and electronic equipment:

The following items should not be put in the garbage. This list includes items that are banned from Illinois landfills.

Northwestern will pick up University-owned computer and electronic equipment free of charge:

Desktop computers   Speakers CDs DVD players
Laptop computers Scanners Televisions Video game consoles
Mice Printers Microwaves Small scale servers
Monitors Fax machines Videocassette recorders Digital converter boxes
Keyboards Magnetic tape    Portable digital music players   Cable & satellite receivers  
Cellular phones Cords, cables, wires

Our recycling program ensures that all data on the hard drive is destroyed and the equipment is recycled in a way that is compliant with EPA standards. Eligible computers will be sanitized by NUIT and donated to local non-profit organizations. Note: Please do not cut any computer or power cords prior to pickup.

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University-owned copiers

Working copiers: List the copier on the Surplus Property Exchange.

Broken or unclaimed copiers:

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University-owned electronic equipment

Facilities will also pick up University-owned microwaves and televisions free of charge.

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University-owned laboratory equipment

Prior to disposing of university-owned laboratory equipment, visit the Office for Research Safety (ORS) website and complete the "Laboratory Equipment Disposal" form (under the Laboratory Equipment heading). Once the equipment is approved for disposal by ORS, the lab/user should complete the pickup request form below. 

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Personal electronic equipment

Working computers less than 5 years old

Consider donating your computer to:

Visit the EPA's eCycling website for donation tips and information.

Broken, old or outdated computers

Many computer manufacturers recycle their products, and some give discounts on purchasing your next computer:

Local groups that recycle computer equipment:

Lake County: Call 847-336-9340 or visit the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County website.

Northern Cook County: Call 847-296-9205 or visit the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County website.

West Cook County: Call 708-450-0100 or visit the Solid Waste Agency of West Cook County website.

Dell Reconnect program: Reconnect is a residential computer recycling program that allows you to drop off any brand of used equipment at participating Goodwill donation centers in your area. For more information, visit the Dell Reconnect website.

Cell Phones

Consider donating your cell phone:

View a list of places that can recycle wireless devices.

The HopeLine Program provides donated wireless phones to domestic violence agencies.

Most cellular carriers recycle or reuse donated phones. See your carrier's web site for more information:


Visit the Apple web site for information on Apple's iPod recycling program.