Non-Capital Projects

Non-Capital Projects include renovations, alterations or enhancements to buildings LESS THAN $100,000.

Financing for Non-Capital Projects generally comes from within a school or department. Funding must be approved prior to the start of the construction process.

Step 1

Enter an estimate request in Facilities Connect. Your request will be assigned a number. 

Step 2

Requestor will be contacted by a project manager (PM) within 10 days to review project details.

This PM remains the point of contact for the requestor for the duration of the project.

Step 3

Requestor will receive a written estimate for the cost of the project within 10-30 days.

Step 4

Requestor will then have 90 days to accept or reject the estimate.

If the requestor makes no response within 90 days, the request will expire. Should the requestor wish to continue pursuing the project after 90 days, contact Customer Service (T: 847-491-5201) with your request number (from FAMIS) for instructions on how to proceed.

If within the 90 days the requestor accepts the estimate provided by the PM, a Work Order for the project will be created. The assigned PM will be the point of contact.

Step 5

The requestor must obtain a department chart string before any work can commence.
If uncertain on how to acquire a chart string, contact Customer Service (T: 847-491-5201).

Step 6

The assigned project manager (PM) will consult with the project’s initial requestor and designers/architects. The PM will manage selection of contractors, request necessary permits, etc. The PM will update activity and progress on the project in Facilities Connect until project is completed.