Since completing the DEI Council Charter, the Council has focused on developing a roadmap of efforts to be implemented over its first three years.  The council has organized its proposed efforts into three scales of influence: Individual, Organization, and Community.  Within each scale, a number of efforts have been proposed, and working groups have been formed to begin implementation of a selection of key efforts beginning in Fiscal Year 2021.  Efforts underway are highlighted in bold italics.



  • Increase qualified diverse candidate pool and hiring of under-represented staff
  • Relaunch the trade skills program

Staff Cultural Competency

  • Establish foundational training for Culture & Values
  • Establish Culture & Values programs

Retention & Career Advancement

  • Establish Facilities mentorship/buddy program
  • Create skills and leadership development program



  • Develop Heritage Month Content
  • Integrate compliance, unconscious bias, anti-racism, and privelege training
  • Integrate inclusive teams, bystander, ally, and fairness training
  • Integrate University history training
  • Establish learning discussion dialogue series

Organization Improvement & Communication


  • Establish informal 'it's just coffee' gatherings
  • Create networking calendar of events
  • Investigate dedicated physical space for Facilities staff
  • Establish peer institution DEI best practice sharing



  • Establish mentor program for diverse students in Facilities-related fields
  • Partner with other units to coordinate DEI efforts
  • Hire summer interns
  • Establish working group to address facilities/space and DEI principles (memorials, space naming)
  • Integrate DEI considerations into common space planning

Vendors & Contractors

  • Establish vendor/contractor partnerships for procurement initiatives
  • Join DEI local and national councils
  • Identify and support local small businesses
  • Add DEI into preferred/pre-qualified vendor processes, RFP, and contracts