Project Changes

Facilities strives to pay attention to and properly manage project changes. We have instituted a system that allows for orderly and systematic tracking of changes.

Program Scope Change Request form

Prior to proceeding with client-requested programmatic scope changes in construction, the project manager will complete a Program Scope Change Request form and forward it to the user and financial sponsor for signature. The Program Scope Change Request will include a brief description of the program change, an estimated cost, and schedule impact. The form requires that the financial sponsor identify a funding source prior to incorporating the change into the project scope.

Change Requests

Following approval of the scope change and identification of a valid funding source, the project manager will proceed with the required communications with the contractor. A change request is used to identify and document changes during construction. Change requests may be initiated in the following three ways:

As change requests are initiated, they are logged into the contractor’s change order request log for tracking purposes. This log is updated on a weekly basis and provides regularly reports to Facilities and the user or building committee representative.