Below you will find the most recent updates and information regarding the Facilities Connect implementation process.

Quick Guide to Facilities Connect

Operations and Maintenance and Project Management Modules Go Live 3/9/2020 (2/28/20)

We are pleased to announce the final two modules of the Facilities Connect platform will be fully implemented on March 9th: Operations & Maintenance (O&M), which replaces and improves the existing FAMIS work order management system, and the Project Management module, which has been live internally to Facilicites for more than a year and now officially replaces the Projecto system. These two modules, along with the Space module, form a single, integrated web-based platform that will simplify and streamline access to Facilities information and services, and enhance service delivery. 

Facilities Connect will replace FAMIS Admin, FAMIS Self Service and FAMIS Web.  Migration to the new system will begin in the afternoon of Friday March 6th and the new system will fully operational by 7:00 AM on Monday March 9th.

What to Expect


Operations and Maintenance Module Completes User Acceptance Testing (2/3/20)

The final stage of validation, user acceptance testing, completed on Feb 3rd. Thank you to the 80+ people who particapated in testing the system. Over the coming weeks, training will begin for 220+ Facilities employees and conversion will begin to migrate over 1500 work orders from FAMIS to Facilities Connect. We expect to Go Live in early March of 2020.

Operations and Maintenance Module Begins User Acceptance Testing (12/9/19)

The final stage of validation, user acceptance testing, starts on Monday Dec 9th. Over the course of the next several weeks, 60+ different Facilities Connect users will have the opportunity to test out the new system and ensure that it meets Northwestern's needs. Thank you to everyone who is participating.

Operations and Maintenance Module Targets End of Winter Quarter Go Live (11/20/19)

As the Operations and Maintenance module ramps up to begin User Acceptance Testing - the final phase of testing, the team has put target of end of Winter Quater 2020 as a Go Live Date. A specific date will be forthcoming once testing is successfully completed.

Operations and Maintenance Module Preview Workshop (11/12/19) 

Members of the Facilities Connect Advisory Group were provided a walkthrough of various functions of the Operations and Maintenance module including General Requester and Approver functions. A recording of the call can be viewed here.

Facilities Connect Advisory Group Meeting 10/1/19 

The Facilities Connect Advisory Group and Change Ambassadors met on Oct 1st. Facilities Connect's supporting role within Facilities, Release Plan, Module Updates and the Approver Process were discussed.  A recording of the call can be viewed here.

Facilities Connect 7/30/19 Update

A summer update on the progress of Facilities Connect. Includes updated project schedule, list of key improvements and role of each department.

Facilities Connect Fact Sheet for Change Advisory Group Published (7/8/2019)

A quick reference document to lead active dialogue with colleagues regarding Facilities Connect, its key improvements and the release schedule.


Operations & Maintenance Entering Validation Period (7/1/2019)

Core Facilities Connect system components, including the approval engine and billing / recharge capability, have completed build activities and are now moving into testing. The new Facilities Connect mobile application has been installed and is also moving into the testing phase. This new, streamlined mobile tool will enable our front-line staff to have more information at their fingertips at the worksite than ever before.

Early Functionality of Operations & Maintenance is Live (3/15/2019)

While the full Operations & Maintenance module release is expected in the latter half of 2019, some initial functions are live. Facilities Connect is now the system of record for asset information such as Building Equipment, Tools, Vehicles, and Test Equipment. In addition, Lock Out/Tag Out procedures are being migrated into Facilities Connect. Transferring these functions to Facilities Connect provides Northwestern with a single system of record and establishes a foundation of data for the larger release of a Work Task management system of Corrective/Preventative Maintenance and more.

The Project Management Module is Live (12/1/2018)

We are pleased to announce the second addition to our Facilities Connect platform, the Project Management module.

Northwestern invests millions of dollars in executing various construction and renovation projects each year, and delivering our projects on-time within specified budgets is crucial to effective project delivery. Facilities Connect helps us get there by increasing transparency of our projects, enabling greater collaboration, standardizing our business processes, and simplifying access to financial information. Facilities Connect also centralizes project budget and schedule management on a single platform that is integrated with our Space Information data. Finally, this sets us up for a seamless integration with operations and maintenance projects in the near future.

The Space Information Module is Live (Feb 7,2018)

We are pleased to announce that Facilities Connect is now live as Northwestern’s system of record for space information. This module enables users to view real-time updates to space information, download floor plans, and access campus mapping information. Data Stewards and Administrators for University schools and departments will use this platform to better manage space assignments and complete the yearly Space Validation process.