Building up the community through Partners in Learning



Last May, twenty professionals from various shops and offices across Facilities became the newest class of graduates from the Partners in Learning program.

Upon completing its second year, Partners in Learning has given members of Facilities an opportunity to expand their understanding of leadership and career to further develop the community as a whole. This year, the months-long effort to strengthen Facilities by building skills and relationships across the division took shape through partnerships between staffers of different backgrounds and experiences, who simultaneously mentored and learned from each other.  

The program also provided classroom opportunities for professionals to receive training from diverse instructors and delve into leadership development topics, such as creating career capital and recognizing implicit biases. Whatever the topic of the day, the key message was always the same: “Learn to lead from wherever you are.”


Over the course of the program, many participants said they formed deep relationships with new people, learning about what they do and what challenges they face. One participant even said that they “gained a whole new level of respect” for those in different positions. For participants like Rachel Gunn, Partners in Learning was also an opportunity to learn more about themselves.

“(The program) helped me realize that putting myself out there and getting to know other people and learning in a different environment is good,” Gunn said. Pretty soon, the challenge of meeting new people became one of the best aspects about the program. “Once I was in it, I loved it,” Gunn said. “I miss having that get-together each month and seeing everybody.”

Her advice to anyone who has not yet participated is simply to sign up when it is offered next.