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Fellow Activities

Postdoctoral Fellows are expected to provide:

As members of the CAPS Training Committee, Fellows are an integral part of the Intern Selection Committee that reviews, interviews, and ranks internship candidates for the APPIC national match. Fellows gain experience coordinating one of three CAPS staffing teams that are responsible for the disposition of all CAPS clients. One of the two Fellows works full-time at the Chicago CAPS, providing services to graduate and professional students at the law school and medical school; the other Fellow works full-time at the Evanston CAPS with undergraduate and graduate students.  Fellows receive a total of 2 hours of individual clinical supervision per week. To address the Fellow's needs for professional development, multidisciplinary experience, and licensing requirements in Illinois, one individual supervisor will be a licensed psychologist, and the other may be a licensed psychologist or licensed clinicians from another mental-health discipline.  Some evening and weekend hours are required.