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Chicago Campus Access

Scheduled Initial Assessments

Students must be in the state of Illinois for all clinical appointments, so please make sure to schedule an Initial Assessment at a time when you will be in Illinois.

An Initial Assessment is your first meeting with a CAPS counselor where you will explore your mental health concerns and your hopes for support. Every student who wants to get started with recurring sessions at CAPS must first have an Initial Assessment. Please note that an Initial Assessment is an intake appointment; if you are looking for a community referral, click here or call the CAPS front desk at 847-491-2151.

For students enrolled in classes on the Chicago Campus, click here to schedule an Initial Assessment. If no times on the online scheduler work for you, please call the CAPS front desk at 847-491-2151.

What should I expect during my Initial Assessment?

  • Your initial assessment will take approximately 45 minutes. This meeting will take place over Zoom.
  • Before your initial assessment, you will be asked to complete intake paperwork, which is sent to your email the morning of your appointment. This paperwork will provide your therapist with context about what services you’re looking for and help focus your discussion. This paperwork is mandatory and must be completed before your appointment.
  • If your Initial Assessment is virtual, please make sure to secure a private meeting space for your appointment. If you need assistance, call the CAPS front desk at 847-491-2151.
  • During your initial assessment, you will meet in a confidential space with a CAPS therapist who will guide you through an initial assessment. Your clinician will ask follow-up questions to get a sense of who you are, identify your concerns and challenges leading you to seek help, and understand your hopes for support. Toward the end of the meeting, your clinician will review options for addressing your concerns and their recommendations for you, and you will make a collaborative plan to get you connected with resources that best meet your needs.
  • If you have any questions, please call the CAPS front desk at 847-491-2151.