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JED Campus Program

At Northwestern, we believe in a comprehensive, public health approach to promoting emotional well-being and preventing suicide and serious substance abuse.

Northwestern & JED

During the 2015-16 academic year, Northwestern joined the JED Campus Program, an evidence-based model that is used to assess efforts underway on campus to identify existing strengths and areas for improvement. After completing a campus-wide survey based on the model, Northwestern hosted the JED Campus Program on campus in January 2017.

As a result of the campus visit and in concert with the JED Campus Program, we launched a 4 year strategic plan for the campus community. We hold periodic conference calls with the JED Campus Program to monitor our progress. The program will be holding another visit to our campus this academic year.

To learn more about the campus framework, see and click on the graphic to the right to learn more about each part of the comprehensive approach. You can also learn more about Northwestern’s progress in each of the areas thus far. 

Learn more about the JED Campus Program.

JED Framework Image