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Referral Support

CAPS provides students assistance in connecting to therapists, psychiatrists, providers who conduct neuropsychological testing/ADHD evaluations, and other resources in the community. We make every effort to provide tailored recommendations based on students’ preferences and clinical needs.

If you require CAPS assistance in finding an off-campus referral, please schedule a Schedule an Evanston Phone Appointment or call CAPS 847-491-2151 to schedule a Same Day Access Appointment.

Common Reasons for Referrals

Referrals may be provided for the following reasons: 

  • Longer-term therapy 
  • Specialized care 
  • Higher level of care (more intensive treatment) 
  • Some medication management needs 
  • Neuropsychological testing/ADHD testing 
  • Limited student availability during CAPS business hours or preference for evening or weekend hours 
  • Preference for working with a therapist with particular identities or areas of expertise 
  • Preference for connecting more rapidly to care in the community 
  • Upcoming graduation and would benefit from ongoing care 
  • Ineligible for therapy services at CAPS  

Learning About Your Insurance Coverage

Finding a Provider

  1. Tips for Connecting to a Therapist

  2. You can search the CAPS Provider Referral List to search for an off-campus provider near our Evanston and Chicago campus communities.

  3. Other local and national resources for finding a provider include the following (Note: This is not an endorsement or recommendation of listed providers on these sites)